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10 thoughts on “Clarissa Harlowe; or the history of a young lady - Volume 4 (of 9)

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    The struggle is real I really had a hard time getting through this volume.I find myself wondering if what makes this novel so drawn out is the epistolary form, or simply the tendency of the times I understand that some other great tomes of this volume were written around then.I will say that I find it fascinating how dark some of the themes of this novel are, and how risqu some of the topics I perhaps naively expect that fiction of such an age will beinnocent This certainly is not.

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    So I ve decided that Clarissa could probably be half the length it actually is Volume 4 was pretty much a recap of Volume 3, with a littlefire thrown in the arguments between Clarissa and Mr Lovelace Mr Lovelace becomesandsleazy and unlikable Clarissa again tries to prove she has a spine but doesn t actually make much of a move to do anything I guess if I m this far in I ll keep trucking Something should be happening again soon, the way things appear to be winding up.

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    this is getting better and better I can see why Balzac rates him so highly The psychological acuity Both Lovelace and Clarissa are so recognisable, and Lovelace is so deliciously twisted Now read on

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    Lovelace just gets worse and worse I don t know what to hope for this poor girl It s certainly not boring any Plenty is happening.

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