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The Girl with the Treasure Chest Dani Fenton Thought Her Life Was Sorted But When Her Private And Professional Lives Collide, She Is Forced To Walk A Dangerous Line And Risk Everything For Love At Home Dani Has A Loving Partner With A Young Child Who Adores Her At Work She Is A Powerful Broker In London S Vicious Gangland, Where She Uses Her Influence To Negotiate Deals Between Rival Gangs At Underground Meets Her Intuition Has Never Failed Her And Her Charisma Has Attracted A Loyal Band Of Soldiers Who Would Go To Any Lengths To Please Her Life Is Good Until Susanna Returns Enigmatic, Sexual, Hot Tempered And Fragile, Susanna Is Irresistible To Dani, Who Soon Finds Herself In A Spiral Of Obsession And Violence That Threatens To Devastate Every Aspect Of Her Life Dani Must Choose Between The Love She Has And The Love She Wants, And She Knows The Wrong Decision Could Prove Fatal

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    The girl with the treasure chest by V.A Fearon starts with such intensity that I couldn t stop reading I barely took a breath for the first chapter Dani is a complex character and the layers are revealed slowly She s part of a gangland world, where she looks out for her soldiers and tries to help them get on, with education and apprenticeships There s such a weird dichotomy when it comes to Dani She didn t seem to see the contradiction between the two agendas The same is true in her personal life While she s in a relationship with one woman, she continues to be obsessed with Susanna And that could be disastrous for her Can she keep control of her emotions and ultimately her way of life, while she s so affected by her feelings for this woman The story is unlike anything I ve read and is so tightly written and exciting It got better and better as it reached the climax A great read.I was given this ARC for review.

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    Now I know when London s gangland became so ruthless Dani Fenton, a woman with so much conflict in her life that decisions she makes will have consequences that could prove fatal She uses her intuition and power at work to instil fear in those that cross her, but at home she has a life that is very different When the love of her life returns to her, will Dani make the right choices, destroying what she knows, and making sacrifices for love A truly unique story, delving right in into the ruthless underworld of gangland London, provided quite the experience for me as a reader The story was written in a way that it was really easy to follow, and showed conflicting issues in a way that meant the reader wouldn t lose whether Dani was dealing in personal, or professional issues even when they started to collide For a debut, the novel was put together well Really giving a look into a world so many will never have experienced, but we all know it exists How V.A Fearon knows this world, I am not sure, but she really seems to have captured as if she has first hand experience, delivering a most realistic story I felt a lot of emotion in the story, each character able to express theirs, and show concern, fear, or dislike of Dani in their own way I really was a fast paced, exciting read that I now can t wait to read the next book in the Dani series The book has of a tell feel, than to show the thoughts and feelings of the characters through their actions, but that really suited the simplicity of the story background It also helped make the characters thoughts and feelings easier for the reader to follow, as the story follows than just Dani s as a character Dani s complex relationship with Susanna adds the most fuel to the flames of this story Suse is a catalyst to most, if not all of Dani s dramas, and she is unapologetic about it They really are the epitome of toxic relationships Their chemistry is immense because of Dani s obsession Susanna is like a drug, and she feeds an animalistic, violent side of Dani, but also makes her vulnerable to her enemies, and emotions These two have one of those love affairs that is destined to heartache, but it s going to be fabulously disastrous and hot whilst in its prime Dani is just a woman with a self destruct nature, passionate, driven, and deeply connected to her lover That s what made me love her so much What a disaster A brilliant start to the Dani series that will leave you wanting to know

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    This book is an easy read, its a bit of fun and has some tense moments The narration jumps around a bit, so sometimes you are not sure from whose perspective you are watching from, but that does not distract from the pace too much.

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    Dani is a player With a background in youth work, a personal history of crime, an attitude as big as Mount Everest and a posse of boys who worship the ground she walks on, she is unstoppable She spends her time negotiating gangland disputes and facilitating deals among worst of London s vicious underground Those she works with think she is cool and always in control but those closest to her now she has a fiery temper.She has always kept her private life private, although her lieutenants are aware of her penchant for dating independent women with children Her current girlfriend, Marie, tolerates her absences and odd hours and somehow knows that her young daughter may be what keeps Dani around.When Susanna, Dani s on again off again ex reappears, Dani is thrown into a tailspin Unable to control her emotions, especially her fears, her wild behavior will put everybody in danger and threatened to destroy everything she has worked for This is the Veronica Fearon s first novel and what an excellent start Set in modern day London this is a gritty tale of love, loyalty and survival in the estates and among the gangs that inhabit them The tone, the settings, even the voices make this a novel very much of London This is not a world I inhabit, but having lived in Brixton and Camberwell for many years it has an authentic energy I recognize.The characters are very real Their behavior and interaction is very recognizable Even their internal monologues are something we can all identify with Even if we have never been personally involved in the gangs and the ghettos this story inhabits we can all remember back to our teenage days when the bullies and the boys on the make strutted among us, posing and pushing to establish themselves.The interaction between Dani and her soldiers shows the level of hero worship a leader can attain, even if that leader is a Boi Dani s management and manipulation of the gang members she is trying to control is masterful and shows a deep understanding of the psychology of young men.As a delightful counterpoint to all the darkness we have Dani s obvious affection for Charlie and Mr Goldenberg her elderly tailor We see the softer side of her soldiers when they are off duty with their women And most of all we see how Dani s obsessive and blind adoration of Susanna defeats all her self control, all her native intelligence and brings out a fierce, almost animalistic, need to own and protect.This novel is a long way from the happy WASP romances of many other LesFic authors, whose characters would not survive two minutes in this environment It is a harsh and aggressive world, interspersed with moments of humor and lightness Well written and well executed I am really looking forward to the next book in the series.Warning this book contains scenes of significant violence It is not gratuitous and is an essential part of the plot, but if you don t like violence you may be offended by some scenes.

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    Dani Fenton s life was on the right course In her younger years, she strayed and got into trouble But she was able to right the ship And she helped inspire those around her to get their lives together Dani runs a business and she employs many young men that other companies wouldn t hire And she helps negotiate deals between rival gangs as a side gig Dani is smart, confident, charismatic, and in control She has a loyal group of soldiers who will help her no matter what.But there is one thing that threatens Dani and that is Dani herself Actually, it s Dani when Susanna, an old flame, reenters the picture For some reason, Dani can t control herself or stop herself when it comes to Susanna Will she throw everything away to be with Susanna This is Veronica Fearon s debut novel and she doesn t pull any punches It takes place in present day London and Fearon shows the gritty side of the city and of love Right from the start, the reader is thrown into a world that many won t have first hand experience with Gangs in London are frightening There s always a sense when reading that something can go very wrong with just one misstep Dani is an original character She s able to teach and control her soldiers by showing them respect and teaching them respect Dani really understands the young men she interacts with and she knows how to handle them.But Dani isn t a perfect character Her biggest flaw is her obsession with Susanna At first I thought Dani would be able to control her obsession, but I soon learned just how far Dani is willing to go You ll have to read the book to find out While I love flawed characters, Dani s actions made me uncomfortable on many occasions That doesn t mean that I didn t enjoy the story I did, even though it made me uncomfortable And it made me think This isn t your typical lesbian romance story If a reader is looking for a carefree novel about two women who love each other, I wouldn t suggest this one But if a reader likes character driven stories about love, including the destructive side of love, this might be perfect for you I will warn you, there is some violence that might be upsetting However, the violence is part of the story and part of Dani s world It took me some time to adjust to the slang used in conversations Once I grew accustomed to it, I stopped noticing it and it became natural.Overall, this is a powerful debut novel and a great start to the series.