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    Time to start over Time to start over I love that closing line I ve read the first books and now two chronicles and every book makes me fall in love with Nicholas even I love reading these key scenes from his perspective Lara s characters are just so incredibly written So good

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    I love these short stories They give us such a great insight for the characters we know and love

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Stowaway (The Oceanswept Chronicles, #2) Reading Stowaway The Oceanswept Chronicles, 2 By Lara Hays Chardonneret.eu Former Pirate Nicholas Holladay Knew That His Return To The Sea Would Not Sit Well With Tessa Monroe Even If It Was Her Father Who Requested It Of Him He Expected Her Anger, He Expected Her Tears But He Did Not Expect Her Spectacular Betrayal Stowaway Is A Short Story That Retells A Pivotal Scene From The Novel UNDERTOW From Another Character S Point Of View.