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Saved Without A Doubt For Over Years Trusted Pastor And Teacher John MacArthur Has Delivered Practical, Biblical Insights For Helping Christians Grow In Their Own Journey Of Faith Now The Very Best Of John MacArthur S Christian Living Titles Have Been Updated To Feature A Fresh Look And Study Guides For Both Personal And Group Reflection Am I Really Saved Am I Going To Heaven How Can I Know For Sure Every Believer Has Wrestled With These Questions At Some Point In Their Journey Saved Without A Doubt, I Examines Scripture To Uncover The Truth Of Salvation, While Addressing Tough Questions That Can Hinder Our Faith Readers Will Develop A Bible Based Theology Of Salvation And Be Encouraged To Securely Rest In Their Personal Relationship With Christ

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    Excellent book MacArthur offers scriptural evidence both from the Old and New Testaments to support his reasoning of secure salvation and to prove that it is, indeed, a Biblical concept A genuine Christian should never doubt or question their salvation, according to MacArthur, as they re not really questioning their own ability to remain a Christian, but they are, instead, questioning God s ability to keep His promises to those who believe on His Son And we all know God always keeps His promises MacArthur also lists several tests from an apostolic expert for you to use in reflection to determine if you have been truly saved and, thus, can feel assured of your salvation He also concludes this book with ways to help gain victory over sin in your life and reminders that, as Christians, we will always face hardships, but as Christians, we have been given the Holy Spirit to help us endure those trials so that our perseverance will bring about true happiness and the assurance of our home in heaven.A strong theme throughout this book, and one that Christians should always look to for encouragement, is that God first loved us It is because of God s love for us that we were given salvation It has nothing to do with our own works it has everything to do with the grace of God And to think that God loved sinners enough to send His only Son to die for their sins before we were saved, should be enough assurance to a Christian that He still loves us when we fail as Christians, too, and will not abandon us.I recommend this book for any Christian who finds themselves with doubt at times, or even for Christians who are fully assure of their salvation, as a reference to scriptures to provide evidence for that assurance God wants us to be happy in our salvation and doubt only leads to unhappiness.

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    I was curious to read this book, as the debate between Calvinism and Arminianism, has always seemed to me to have strong biblical support for both sides Both theologies can point at verses for which a plain reading would confirm their belief So, for me at least, the determination of who was right came down to who better explains the versus which support the opposition I would love to find a similar book to this, but taking the Arminian side, but until I find such a book, I m leaning toward Calvinism From what I do know of the arguments of each philosophy, Calvanism s explanations for versus which imply a Christian can loose their salvation are persuasive than Arminian s explanation for verses implying predestination or eternal security The Arminian explanations, jsut seem to involve mental gymnatstic in order to haved the plain text of particular passages of teh bible say something

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    Lots of helpful scriptures and questions This is a good one to keep on the shelf to reference as needed.Is it a done deal Is it real Is it something I can feel 2019 A book about theology

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    Solid exposition.

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    Great book that helped allay my fears There are a lot of Scripture references I do think there was an issue that wasn t addressed much, that I would have liked to have seen about, but all in all an excellent book After reading the study questions in the back of the book, I realized I don t know the material as well as I should, and will likely be reading the whole book over again, perhaps several times There are assignments in the back of the book that should be helpful, too, such as memorizing key Scriptures.Here are some of the many quotes I underlined on the kindle edition Because we do not directly and immediately receive the fullness of all God s promises when we first believe since it is reserved in heaven for us according to 1 Peter 1 4 we may sometimes be tempted to doubt our salvation and wonder about the ultimate blessings that are supposed to accompany it The work of salvation in our lives remains incomplete we still await the redemption of our bodies Rom 8 23 , which will occur when Christ returns for us Because we have not yet received full possession of our inheritance, we may question its reality or at least its greatness Our hope is not in ourselves but in our great God, who is faithful Isaiah described God s faithfulness as the belt about His waist Isa 11 5 David declared that the Lord s faithfulness reaches to the skies Ps 36 5 , and Jeremiah praised Him by exclaiming, Great is Your faithfulness Lam 3 23 The writer of Hebrews said, Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful Heb 10 23 While continued faith is necessary, our ability to hold fast is founded upon the Lord s faithfulness, not our own The peace spoken of here Romans 5 is not subjective but objective It is not a feeling but a fact Apart from salvation through Jesus Christ, every human being is spiritually at war with God regardless of what his or her feelings about God may be In the same way, the person who is justified by faith in Christ is at peace with God, regardless of how he or she may feel about it at any given moment Through trust in Jesus Christ, a sinner s war with God is ended for all eternity Natural human love is almost invariably based on the attractiveness of the object of love, and we are inclined to love people who love us Consequently we tend to attribute that same kind of love to God We think that His love for us depends on how good we are or how much we love Him Do you reject the world Do you reject its false religions, damning ideologies, godless living, and vain pursuits Instead, do you love God, His truth, His kingdom, and all that He stands for That doesn t come naturally to any man or woman, because the human tendency is to love darkness rather than light to mask evil deeds John 3 19 20 Unbelievers are of their father the devil and want to do the desires of their father John 8 44 If you reject the world and its devilish desires, that is an indication of a new life in Christ And since that new life is forever, settle into it with an abiding sense of assurance I frequently receive letters from anguished Christians who doubt their salvation because they can t seem to break a sinful or unwise habit They fear their struggle with such things means they are locked into a pattern of sin But John is not saying that the frequent occurrence of one particular sin in a person s life means that person is lost Rather he clarifies his meaning in saying that a true believer cannot practice lawlessness 1 John 3 4 The Greek term used there anomia literally means living as if there were no law A person who rejects God s authority doesn t care what God thinks about his habits and is obviously not a Christian.A Christian, on the other hand, has a drastically different way of relating to God He or she is no longer a slave to sin but has offered himself or herself as a servant to the Lord Rom 6 14, 17 18 A true Christian can still sin, and may even do so frequently, but sinning frequently while continually responding in confession and repentance is not the same as shamelessly and unrepentantly practicing sin In 1 John, we see that a true believer can do the first but not the second Now your love won t be perfect, but it will be there Let that bolster your assurance, for John warned that your heart or conscience might try to incriminate you and make you doubt The fallen flesh has the capability to play games with your mind Satan, the accuser of the brethren, may seek to exploit that tendency The book goes on to talk about answered prayer, belief in Christ, discerning between spiritual truth and error, suffering for Christ, temptations, disobedience, adding virtue upon virtue, knowledge of theology, self control, focus, not having a victim mentality or sugar coating sin, use of the Word and prayer, endurance, and .

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    This book is an excellent treatment of the assurance of salvation MacArthur deals with both the objective realities of salvation that show it is secure, and the subjective experiences by which we enjoy assurance The moment of conversion is often stressed in preaching and writing but perseverance is sorely neglected Consider these passages As he spake these words, many believed on him Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed John 8 30 31Therefore we ought to give the earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip Hebrews 2 1Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession Hebrews 4 14And we desire that every one of you do shew the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises Hebrews 6 11 12Now the just shall live by faith but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition but of them that believe to the saving of the soul Hebrews 10 38 39More could be said but this book is a good place to start For a fuller study on saving faith, I recommend also The Gospel According to Jesus What is Authentic Faith

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    As someone who has struggled with the issues addressed in this book, I expected to be made very uncomfortable by the content I definitely was, but that s a good thing I found both conviction and encouragement while reading this Although, some of the principles could have been expressed with clarification pertaining to saving grace and the obedience that results from it in order to clearly avoid an earned grace bend Overall MacArthur made the necessity of grace very clear without shrinking from man s responsibility This book makes you think And thank God for that Because we need to think .

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    You can t go wrong with John MacArthur His theology is always right on target This book gives great encouragement to those who doubt their faith in Christ, while giving appropriate doubts to those who should question the validity of what they profess Excellent resource in security of salvation without being overly complicated.

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    An excellent book about salvation

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    Look at this insightful quotations Now it is not that believers may be free to sin that God has so soundly secured their salvation The very purpose and effect of salvation is to free men and women from sin, not to free them to do it Have you experienced communion with God and Christ Have you sensed His presence Do you have a love for Him that draws you to His presence Have you experienced the sweet communion of prayer the exhilarating joy of talking to the living God Have you experienced the refreshing, almost overwhelming sense of grace that comes upon you when you discover a new truth in His Word If you have, then you have experienced the fellowship of salvation That s because to experience salvation is to be saved from something, and that something is sin If a person could continue in sin after being saved from sin, that would mean salvation is ineffective John therefore discussed the work of Christ to demonstrate just how effective it is What about enjoying the privilege of fellowship in general Do you look forward to being with fellow Christians and talking with them, sharing with them, discussing the things of God with them, studying the Word with them, and praying with them Do you have a desire to take the resourcesDo you enjoy fellowship with God and Christ Are you sensitive to sin in your life Do you obey the Scriptures Do you reject this evil world Do you love Christ and eagerly await His return Do you see a decreasing pattern of sin in your life Do you love other Christians Do you receive answers to your prayers Do you experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit Can you discern between spiritual truth and error Have you suffered on account of your faith in Christ If you pass those tests, you can have confidence before God After all, John wrote what he did so you may know that you have eternal life 1 John 5 13 There s no reason for you to go through your spiritual experience feeling discouraged, though thousands of Christians do Please don t be one of them From the book Saved Without A Doubt Being Sure of Your Salvation by John F MacArthur Jr.I Strongly Recommend it.