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Now and Forever (A Last Chance Romance, #2) Now And Forever Is The Second In The Series And The Emotional Conclusion To Claire And Justin S Uplifting Love Story That Began In Logan Belle S Highly Acclaimed Now Or Never A Last Chance Romance Part It S All Fun And Games Until Someone Falls In LoveClaire Longed For Romance, And It Came When She Least Expected It In The Form Of A Handsome Stranger Who Helped Her Fulfill A Bucket List Of Sexual Fantasies But Justin Made It Clear That Their Night Of Passion Was A One Time Thing, And Claire Accepted It Of Course Something That Hot Was Too Good To Last When Justin Comes Back For , It S Claire S Turn To Say No Opening Herself Up To Sex Was One Thing But Love That S A Chance She S Not Willing To Take When Justin Won T Take No For An Answer, She Wonders If There Is Any Such Thing As Happily Ever After And What Will It Cost Her To Find Out

  • ebook
  • 165 pages
  • Now and Forever (A Last Chance Romance, #2)
  • Logan Belle
  • English
  • 05 December 2018

About the Author: Logan Belle

Logan Belle is my pen name It s the name I use when I only want to think about romance My heroines go through lots of ups and downs after all, true love is full of drama But they also discover that it s never too late for love, great sex, and happily ever after Visit me on Facebook

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    Would have given this novel a higher rating if it hadn t been for the very abrupt ending Seriously, I m dumbfounded by the way the author ended it I don t know how to even describe it It s as though the author woke up on a new day, looked at her draft, and thought to herself that she didn t want to continue with it any It s because of this abrupt ending that made everything that I read up to it come across as unrealistic I also think a little character development would ve made the story intriguing More should ve been written about Justin quitting his job and the ramifications of this, and his relationship with his father and his relationship with his mother and brother I also think a little of Max would have been nice and perhaps even a little of Patti because not only did I think she was a horrible friend, I thought she was a bitch throughout both novels Why Claire was friends with her made no sense whatsoever Would have been great to read about her resignation and how it may have effected sales, and the working environment, etc In the end, too short and an ending that is the definition of abrupt.

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    Now and Forever is the second part of Logan Belle s A Last Chance Romance two part contemporary series The conclusion to this series was a much anticipated book and worth the wait In Now or Never, Part 1, Belle begins the process of weaving complex conflicts faced by her characters and introducing some fantastic heat and raw emotions In Now and Forever, Belle hits her stride and delivers as she completes the characterization process and the full emotional punch of Claire s and Justin s story.Whereas in Now or Never the focus was maintained on Claire, in Now and Forever that focus shifts to both characters, as Belle expands Claire s first point of view narration to include Justin s This shift gives the reader the full scope of emotions needed to fully understand both characters This is important because in this second installment Justin s background, motivations, and emotions are as fully explored as Claire s.Claire s story begins in Now or Never when she is diagnosed with breast cancer and is told she has the BRCA gene She makes the difficult but safe choice, which means a double mastectomy with reconstructive breast surgery and a hysterectomy to follow She gets involved with younger, handsome Justin who becomes a friend and her wingman as Claire goes on to fulfill sexual fantasies in her Now or Never bucket list, going as far as ignoring reality and postponing the inevitable surgery Claire is attracted to Justin even after he explains that he only ever has one night stands She gets her wish and looses her friend Now and Forever begins exactly where Now or Never ends, with Justin walking away.As we follow the story, Justin realizes that he can t let Claire s friendship go, further he wants her badly and that one night stand rule is not going to hold with her He also misses his friend It begins that way, but slowly, as the story moves along, he comes to some tough realizations about his feelings for Claire Meanwhile, Claire has decided to stop running from reality and focuses on herself She also realizes that although she has strong feelings for Justin, his tendency to run when things get tough doesn t make him trustworthy Besides, she doesn t want him around when she goes through the pain or the changes that a mastectomy entails Claire pushes Justin away.If Justin ran away from a relationship at the beginning of their friendship, now Claire becomes the rabbit She was game when it came to exploring sex, but love No way Her distrust of Justin and lack of belief in herself are monumental Justin doesn t give up though I loved him for that For becoming Claire s friend and being there even when he wasn t there, and others, like her son Max and girlfriend Patti were allowed to take that place Claire s young son Max who turns out to be a non judgmental rock of understanding, and girlfriend Patti whose lack of understanding and judgmental ways are not as important to Claire as the fact that she s always there when needed.I was enthralled by Claire s journey She s a 40 something woman falling in love with a younger man just as she s going through what most women fear Belle takes Claire, along with the reader, for a journey that begins with denial and ends with the healing process Of course along with cancer and her growing love for Justin, Claire is also forced to face other problems in her life a dead end job, that empty nest her son Max used to fill, and facing herself in the mirror only to see a woman who let life and passion pass her by.Belle tackles Claire s journey passion and lust, lack of confidence, feelings of inadequacy, pain and doubts, the healing process, and growth with a knowledgeable hand Justin s journey to self awareness, recognizing his weaknesses and Claire s strengths, leading to passion, love and true understanding of her, complete this story.Now and Forever is a romance with some heated moments, a happy ending, and a subject matter pertinent to today s woman Claire and Justin s journey are the icing and the cake It resonated with me just as I am sure it will resonate with many others I strongly recommend that both books be read to fully enjoy the experience Highly recommended.

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    Really enjoyed these books Claire is completely relatable, the story is very realistic I just wish there was a little hot sex in this one but it is understandable Claire begins her treatment for breast cancer pushes Justin away It is a new relationship I m sure she doesn t want some hot young guy seeing her when she can t shower put on makeup, drainage tubes coming out of her, etc Justin tries as hard as he can to be near her he gives her the softest blanket before she goes into surgery finds her wrapped up in it at the hospital Awwww Those are the little things that needed to clue Justin in that Claire loved him but thought she was giving him the chance to be happy with someone his style I was a little frustrated when Justin gets drunk goes back to some of his old habits, and when he is honest about this with Claire she gets very upset I think she is upset at herself for pushing him away, and hurt to think of some other woman touching Justin s body She is going through major changes at work it finally comes to head at the same time Justin is fed up with father s business I don t know if this would be everyone s cup of tea but I thoroughly enjoyed the natural beauty line creation that Claire comes up with It takes up a good portion of the book I loved it Why doesn t Claire get to have her dream man AND her dream job at this stage in her life Claire s son Max is very supportive while Claire battles through emotional physical distress she finds Justin is there for her each step of the way, not pushing her but not pulling away Great read about a real woman with real issues

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    I m a BIG Logan Belle fan and she doesn t disappoint with this two part series, this one being the conclusion to Claire and Justin s story.What I loved first about this book was the prologue it actually helped I find most are a waste of time, starting sometime so far in the distant past it s not relative to the story But this prologue and story pick up exactly where you left the two characters in part one Another huge bonus As Claire gets closer to her surgery she s getting nervous and is pushing Justin away As Justin and Claire deal with how to be friends Claire has to deal with issue of breast cancer, a divorced woman in her early 40 s and also having to decide if she is worthy enough to start a relationship when her body is less than perfect And while Justin is willing to help stand by Claire during all these issue Claire wants nothing to do w him And while Aimee, Claire s boss is being supportive Claire soon discovers she is being passed over for promotion to a younger women As Claire s life spins out of control will she finally accept Justin back in it Ms Belle does an amazing job throughout the book, keeping you guessing if Claire finally gives in and gives them a chance WOW Just WOW

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    I wasn t disappointed when I got part 2 of this last chance romance If it would have continued being all fun and games I personally would have gotten bored Unlike in part 1, in this installment we get to know Justin and see the relationship with Claire through his eyes, which was a nice surprise We get back to reality We find out about Justin s life and why he has become the person that he is I could very much relate to Claire s doubts about whether Justin would be able to handle her breast cancer given what had happened to him before The entire story is heartwarming, but above all felt real It was inspiring to read about a person taking a leap of faith in regards than just one You ll see what I mean when you read this fun and sexy contemporary romance If you re looking for a easy to read story that you can curl up with in bed, filled with likable characters and a satisfying ending, get these two books.

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    First, it is highly encouraged that readers tackle the first novella in the series, Now Or Never first They ll get WAY out of this story if they do I loved this follow up, and while the first novella was all about the heroine s journey this story delivers a traditional romantic story arc The author delves into the hero s point of view, and his world, and sets up a great final chapter I have loved both of these books and cannot recommend them highly enough.

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    Review to come.

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