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Public Affairs Read Public Affairs Author Cassandra Carr Sioril.co.uk When A Researcher Disappears With Millions, Val Chase, The Director Of Public Relations At A Hospital, Faces The Biggest Challenge Of Her Career To Make Matters Worse, The CEO Brings In His Old College Roommate, A Crisis Management Ringer And A Man Val Is Convinced Wants To Make Her Look Bad She Instantly Dislikes The Smooth Talking Man With The Expensive Suit Who Threatens Her Very Livelihood, Even As She S Drawn To Him Physically.Nate O Halloran Is Just Trying To Do A Favor For A Friend And Is Caught Off Guard By The Sexy PR Director Who S Determined To Handle This Crisis Without His Help His Eagerness To Rush Back To His A List Celebrity Clientele Is Waning By The Minute, As Val S Beauty And Fiery Personality Enthrall Him As Nate Gets To Know Ms Chase Better, For The First Time In His Life He Sees How Empty His Existence Is And A Future That Includes A Woman.As Things At The Hospital Go From Bad To Worse, Can He Convince Val He S Than A Playboy And Not Out For Her Job

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    Public Affairs by Cassandra Carr features PR superstar Nate O Halloran who helps out an old college friend deal with a hospital scandal Val Chase, the hospital s PR director, is very leery of Nate when she first meets him Val is worried about losing her job and pretty much just doesn t like Nate because of him being a PR rep to the rich and famous.Nate is relentle...

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    The good storyline and the well defined characters kept me totally hooked until the very last page

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    I won t pretend to understand what was going on with Val She kept throwing obstacles up left and right and had a million and one reasons why she and Nate should not be involved Most of which were bogus if you ask me Nate on the other hand knew exactly what he wanted and was not about to give up without a fight my kind of man They obviously get their happy ending, after all, this is a romance novel But I enjoyed the will they or won t they atmosphere that was created by the author Up until the very end I couldn t foresee how these two strong willed, hard headed characters would come together again.I would love to have seen a defined resolution to Doug s part of in the story I mean, I felt so bad for him The circumstances were very real and the reaction of the Board understandable, but I still would have wanted to see Doug get a happier outcome C est la vie I guess that was just not to be in ...

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    There is much to this story than just a steamy romance It kept me on the edge of my seat Great plot and well written characters.Dr Godlowski absconds with millions of grant research money leaving the Cancer Care Center CCC of Buffalo struggling to survive Val, PR person for CCC, loves her job and feels confident she can pull CCC through However, the hospital s CEO brings in an old college buddy to help Nate is a well known and respected PR agent for the stars Needless to say, Val is not at all happy being forced to work with Nate I found myself hoping they would solve the hospital s issues just as much as I wanted the two of them to have their happy ending Nate knew what he wanted and went for it but I enjoyed how Val sometimes took charge Nate loved it too Normally in stories ...

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    Once I started reading this story, I just had to finish it, great storyline Val is the public relations director at a hospital and a big scandal is about to hit the fan Unbeknownst to her, the CEO, Doug had brought in reserves and that raised her hackles was her job at stake Nate is the friend Doug brings in and she resents him even as he handles very high list celebrities.As they work together she begins to see him in a different light, even begins to daydream about him He also falls in lust with her, but it takes some work on his part before the clothes coming flying off Once they both let their guard down, I felt they had a great connection between...

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    I had the honor of reading and reviewing for this awesome author OMG Very hard to put down Left me completely speechless If you get the chance this is a must read.

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    I really loved this story It had just the right amount of mystery, suspense, romance, and heat It was amazing I loved it The characters were amazing The story was intense I was left on edge There are some things I d like to add that I really can t because I d be giving away the book too much I wish ...

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    This was my first book by Cassandra Carr and I really enjoyed it Great contemporary romance, great storyline Looking forward to reading of her work.

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    Oh man, its been sooooo long since I read a plain ol male female contemporary romance It was very refreshing for a change Val Chase works as the PR director at a large hospital specializing in cancer research When one of the researchers runs off with millions of dollars in donations and grant money to support his gambling habits, the hospital CEO calls in Nate O Halloran, his old college buddy and PR to the stars, to help Val manage the hospitals reputation Of course, Val doesn t want to have anything to do with Nate he s come in and taken over her job and making her look inadequate in front of her boss too bad he s the sexiest thing she s ever seen Nate also feels the attraction between them and is determined to pursue whatever kind of physical relationship while they can There s no risk to either of them since he s only in town temporarily, right I really enjoyed the sexual tension between Val and Nate They hit it off pretty quickly but Val kept playing hard to get there for a while There s some banter back and forth and some inappropriate activity in the work place that is pretty sexy I m not a huge fan of romances ...

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    I loved the story line of this book It was great, although I was disappointed with the CCC hospital board s decision toward the end of the book It was unfair, but as was pointed out, they needed a scapegoat.Now, despite the story line, I felt there was too much of a push for the romance erotica of the relationship between Val and Nate Like, way too much Too overdone, to over the top, given that there was little character development of either of them in this novel Carr has used the story line as a smokescreen for the blatant erotica she dumped in this book I was caught very off guard by the amount Yes, the first few episodes were perfectly placed, but then it seemed as if that s all the book was about, with Val trying to push Nate away with her own issues with casual sex Every time I flipped a page, Val was throwing up an excuse as to why she and Nate could not be together and then she d end up in a steamy session with him right after the words left her lips I can relate, I understand the battle between morals and desire, but this lady is the epitome of a hypocrite in this sense.I understood Nate s character I know plenty of guys like him but he came to a realization and went after what he wanted, even with his change of heart b...

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