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Sodium Loading Protocol for Endurance Athletes One Of The Top Limiters To Performance Is Staying Hydrated Bob Seebohar Brings His Years Of Experience With Utilizing A Simple To Implement Acute Sodium Loading Protocol That Will Improve Your Fluid Balance And Help You Achieve Optimal Performance Whether You Train And Compete In Warm Climates, Are A Heavy Sweater Or Have Issues With Staying Hydrated, This Book Is A Must In Your Nutrition Regimen For Competition Day PlanningTopics Covered In This Book Include A Background About Plasma Volume And Sodium, Sodium Loading, The Acute Sodium Loading Protocol And A List Of Supplemental Electrolyte Sources That Can Be Used With This ProtocolDon T Let Dehydration Limit Your Performance Any Longer Purchase This Book And Learn The Methods That Olympians Have Used For Years From The Olympic Sport Dietitian