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What Cat Are You? Discovering Your Inner Feline Read What Cat Are You Discovering Your Inner Feline By Lori Lebda Jackkellyfilm.co.uk CAT QUIZ BOOK If You Were A Cat What Breed Would You Be You Re One Click Away From Finding Out If You Re Purebred Or Mixed Do You Have The Unique Look Of A Persian, With The Determination Of A Maine Coon, The Heart Of A Singapura And The Graceful Beauty Of A Norwegian Forest Cat If You Have Great Affection For The Feline Species, You Re Not Alone With Well Over Forty Breeds Out There, What Cat Are You Take These Three Fun Quizzes To Learn What Cat You Are Quiz One Is For Personality, Quiz Two Is Appearance And Quiz Three Is Choices Each Test Score Will Account For One Component Of Your Kitty Genetic Makeup At The End We Add Your Scores Together To See What Your Overall Breed Is While It S Possible To End Up The Same Breed For All Three Quizzes And The Overall Breed Making You A Purebred , It S Also Possible To Look Like A Regal Bombay, Be As Feisty As A Siamese, Think Like A Cornish Rex, And Overall Have The Heart Of A Korat Will You End Up Being A Purebred, Mixed Or Moggy Do You Want To Be The Same Breed As Your Family And Friends Manipulate Your Answers And Score To End Up As Your Favorite Cat Example Question 15 Say You Re Home Alone For The Afternoon, Do You ___A Notice How Bland The Living Room Is, And Immediately Rearrange It ___B Call Friend After Friend To Find Someone That Will Chat ___C Clean The DVR Off ___D Grab A Blanket, Get Cozy On The Couch And Doze Off.

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