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Taurus Moon Morgana Le Fay Has Ruled With Coldhearted Brutality In A Realm As Much A Prison As It Is Her Dominion She Joins Forces With A Ruthless Lycan King In Hopes Of Returning To Earth, Determined To Destroy King Arthur S Legacy Gully S Magic Has Been Intensifying At An Incredible Rate For Months Taurus Moon Wants To Find Out Why The Pair Travels Overseas In Search Of A Supernatural Relic That May Help Instead Of Finding Answers, They Wind Up Saving The Lives Of A Family Of Three From Two Vicious Lycans Grimes And His Daughter, Darla The Unplanned Rescue Propels Them On An Adventure Where Technology Is Nonexistence And Magic Is Supreme They Journey Through Treacherous Lands Marred By The Sorceress Dark Magic Looking For A Way Home The Sudden Arrival Of Moon And Gully To Her Realm Presents Morgana With An Opportunity She Cannot Ignore A Chance To Go Home She Will Stop At Nothing To Obtain Her Freedom

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    Wizards and Werewolves and Sorcerers, Oh MY The 2nd book in the Taurus Moon series is every bit as good as the first if not impossibly better Gaston is at the top of his game with non stop action and thrills But what I think I liked most about this book is that we really get to deepen our understanding of who Taurus Moon and Gully arewhat makes them tick and how they work together The answers to these questions might surprise you as the plot thickens and our heroes get tested from all kinds of delicious new threats It s a ride worth taking and a journey I can t wait to continue.

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    I received this from goodreads as a giveaway prize I really enjoyed this book I loved the world that the author has created, along with his smart and snappy but all too human hero Taurus Moon This was my first foray into the world of D.K Gaston and his Taurus Moon. but I ll be sure to be looking for in the future thanks

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    This time Moon and Gully end up traveling with a family and one of the werewolves that was going so eat them There are explosions, ships and swords that keep the action moving I enjoyed the book a lot but it wasn t one that I found myself thinking about later, thus the 3 stars I will be buying the next in the series so I enjoyed it enough.

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    After the hugely enjoyable first book in this new pulp series, this one tuned out to be a major let down Why 1 It s way too big and too lengthy too be enjoyable.2 Many characters and sequences have been simply piled on, to make this adventure seem like a quest of epic proportions Sadly, they have only aggravated the poor writing, making most of it agonisingly cliched.3 Events narrated by our protagonist are laced with that self deprecating wit humour that had made the first book click so loudly Unfortunately, in this novel there are huge chunks which have been narrated in third person, and those parts read like rather shoddy output from some creative writing workshop, with disjointed events harbouring crater like loopholes in logic, emotion, characterisation, all aimed at somehow completing the patchwork at the end.4 Our favourite AI Mosley had almost no presence in this novel In his absence the whole thing became rather boring.Overall, despite having an over abundance of characters and action, the book was rather a damp squib, I m afraid.

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