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    As an autistic person whose strong passions include Star Trek and Disability Studies intersectional justice, I was equally wanting to love this book As I read, while I enjoyed reminiscing and getting on rehabilitation professional take on Disability throughout Star Trek, but I got very frustrated at the medicalized frame which, unlike many of the examples, refrains disability from a community diversity inclusion social issue to a personal problem.The Medical Rehabilitation Model framing is sup As an autistic pers...

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    My review of this book is over on

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All You Need to Know About Disability is on Star Trek How Many Psychiatric Diagnoses Can We Pin On Lt Barclay Did Seven Of Nine Have Autism How Many Wheelchairs Were There On Star Trek Did Janeway Have An Addiction Who Is The Most Unethical Doctor In Starfleet All You Need To Know About Disability Is On Star Trek Leads The Reader On A Bold Exploration Of The Future For People With Disabilities As Portrayed In Star Trek Even Though The Connection Between Star Trek And Disability Might Not Be Readily Apparent, Star Trek Has Frequently Depicted Many Aspects Of Disability, Chronic Illness, And Rehabilitation In Keeping With Its Message Of Hope, Star Trek Usually Portrays The Role Of The Person With A Disability In A Positive Light.Dr Lehmann Weaves A Tapestry Where Technology And Science, Together With Humanity S Struggles For Social Justice, Create Messages About Disability The Management Of Conflicts, Interpersonal Relationships, And The Difficulties In Interactions With Those Alien To Us In Appearance, Culture, And Abilities Are Recurring Themes In Star Trek Each Episode Is Multifaceted, And The Messages Conveyed Are Largely Dependent On The Perspective Of The Viewer.The Book Spotlights Messages About Impairments As Seen In Star Trek Topics Such As Medical Ethics, Definitions Of Disability, Quality Of Life, Coping Strategies, And Various Disabilities Come Alive With Dialogue, Expert Analysis, And Humor This Is Star Trek After All In Addition, Interviews With Key Scriptwriters Provide New Information About The Inspiration For Writing Episodes About Disability And Stigma As Well As Empowerment And Inclusion The Opinions Of Fans With Disabilities And Their Family Members Offer Yet Another Unique Lens Through Which To View Star Trek.