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Something Like Gravity For Fans Of Love, Simon And Eleanor And Park, A Romantic And Sweet Novel About A Transgender Boy Who Falls In Love For The First Time And How First Love Changes Us All From New York Times Bestselling Author Amber Smith.Chris And Maia Aren T Off To A Great Start.A Near Fatal Car Accident First Brings Them Together, And Their Next Encounters Don T Fare Much Better Chris S Good Intentions Backfire Maia S Temper Gets The Best Of Her.But They Re Neighbors, At Least For The Summer, And Despite Their Best Efforts, They Just Can T Seem To Stay Away From Each Other.The Path Forward Isn T Easy Chris Has Come Out As Transgender, But He S Still Processing A Frightening Assault He Survived The Year Before Maia Is Grieving The Loss Of Her Older Sister And Trying To Find Her Place In The World Without Her Falling In Love Was The Last Thing On Either Of Their Minds.But Would It Be So Bad If It Happened Anyway

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    I m between 4 and 4.5 stars It s hard to figure out what you re supposed to be when you ve never even really known who you were in the first place that was something I d realized only recently Something I didn t think my friends would understand After all, I looked the same and dressed the same and talked the same as I always had But I wasn t the same Chris and Maia meet for the first time when he almost hits her with his car Neither one is really paying attention, but both feel some sort of connection Their next few encounters don t improve much, because Maia misreads Chris intentions Yet life continues to throw their paths together until they simply can t stay away from each other.Both are nursing some serious wounds Chris is in North Carolina for the summer, taking a break from his parents and his New York hometown, where he was physically assaulted by several classmates shortly after coming out as transgender Maia is still reeling from the sudden death of her older sister, and is trying to figure out how to move on, while understanding just what their relationship meant I was starting to understand that there s also a price that comes with being a boy, one that s different from being a girl Maybe the price is one of a responsibility to not only be a decent person, like everyone else, and not only to not turn scary or me...

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    Oof That was really, really good RTC

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    amber smith writing about a trans boy falling in love for the first time please just throw this book at my face i need itthis book has been thrown at my face today and i can t wait to start it

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    Amber Smith has such a mesmeorizing way with words I m immediately enraptured and invested Something Like Gravity is a beautiful love story between two people who are healing after their own personal tragedies I thought Chris and Maia had some of the best chemistry I ve ever read in YA I was so invested in their relationship and I just loved seeing ...

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    I m going to trundle through my complaints first and then give a real, normal book review at the end.As a trans person who knows a lot though not everything about transitioning, passing and dysphoria, I noted that there were a lot of things related to Chris that didn t make much sense And I don t mean this in a he experiences gender is a different way than me and that threatens me way For example, it s never clearly stated whether or not Chris has started hormones, so I attempted to piece together that puzzle myself and it still doesn t make sense Chris says that a year ago his voice was high and light, yet later he says he has unawarely been talking low for years, before the hormones Chris also mentions that his dad signed the stupid paperwork for him to start on hormones If Chris had started hormones, his body would be going through many changes that are never mentioned in this book We never hear about Chris going to get t shots or administering them to himself When he goes to live with his aunt, there is no discussion of where Chris was going to pick up his prescription or get his shots Maybe this depends on the state, but I m fairly certain you can t just ...

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    A beautiful, bittersweet young love story that examines the challenges of grief and otherness that face teens This novel opens up human experiences and teaches compassion and understanding throughout its pages.I was given the opportunity to read the final draft of this novel and I highly recommend it to all readers The overall book follows thematic lines of kindness, understanding and self exploration that are so vital to the young growing older and the older seeking to understand the younger In her true fashion, Ms Smith does not shy from challenging and unsettling content, but in this work it is tempered toward a message of hope and happiness resulting in a beautiful takeaway that avoids the sap and histrionic content so common in love stories A major driving element in Something Like Gravity is the impressive strength of character Maia and Chris are both equally unique and relatable Their humanity is inherent in every page and I found pieces of myself in both of them as I turned the pages They are the kind of characters you root for...

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    To see reviews check out MI Book Reviews.I got an ARC of this book.Lets start with the cover It looks like a lesbian romance novel Chris does not pass in this picture Why do I point this out Chris passes 100% f the time in the book without any questions by anyone He temporarily moves to a new town and NO ONE ever says or does anything that implies that he doesn t pass as 100% male 100% of the time One character asks if he is gay, but that is the closest it gets I know many guys that passed most of the time as male without hormones, but they passed as much younger than they were as teens Chris passing as a 17 year old male without hormones is very unlikely when he is 17 My next issue is Chris is trans Before you grab your pitchforks and scream I am transphobic, I am a trans man I started my medical transition at 15 I have no issues with trans people being represented in media I have problems when they are badly written characters that makes it really obvious that the author is cis Chris s entire trans life boils down to binding, almost being raped, and coming out while in the middle of hooking up with someone So lets start with binding the binder that Chris is wearing is one I have s...

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    love, simon amber smith the way to my heart tbh