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    If you re looking for incredibly original sci fi short stories, look no further This time I felt like a lot of these were possible futures linked to technology that reminded me a bit of Black Mirror , maybe less dark though.Would recommend.

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Nothing Erases the Past Exhalation Stories by Ted Chiang Nothing erases the past There is repentance, there is atonement, and there is forgiveness That is all, but that is enough In The Merchant and the Alchemist s Gate by Ted ChiangI could write a review for each one of the stories in this collection, b...

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    There s a lot to love about Ted Chiang s short stories and that s all here to love in this collection He creates amazing worlds, sometimes close to the ones we know and sometimes drastically different Once he s transported the reader into that world he isn t content to just let you look around and enjoy the novelty, he s going to dive into the deepest moral and philosophical questions that world presents And, in a collection of Chiang stories, you get to move from world to world, question to question, so that the depth and breadth of the worlds and questions presented is its own pleasure.I don t want to say much about these stories because the surprise is part of the joy There is time travel, parallel universes, artificial intelligence, and even religion But ultimately there is the human condition, although in Chiang s wor...

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    3.5 An excellent, varied collection, one that made me think I should read short science fiction Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom was definitely my favourite It imagines a world not much different from our own, except for the ubiquity of prisms These are devices which allow a person to communicate with their parallel self or paraself in an alternate dimension or branch , which is seemingly created by the activation of the prism itself There s a lot going on, from a prism store manager scamming customers out of their savings with the help of his paraselves to the addition of Dana, a therapist who helps those with prism use problems, and who is troubled by a misstep from her own past but it works The protagonist, Nat, might be the most complex character in the whole book, and the story isn t even all about her I loved the scenes with Dana and her clients, and the prism support group so perfectly sketched The Lifecycle of Software Objects is a novella in itself, and was previously published as a standalone book It follows Ana, a former zookeeper, as she accepts a friend s offer to work on the development of AIs known as digients Initially designed as cute, pet like creatures with animal and robot avatars, the...

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    Ted Chiang is a master of short fiction, no doubt about it He may not be the most empathic writer, but his ideas and topics are absolutely brilliant.This collection has 9 stories, from which only 3 were new for me Here they are Dacey s Patent Automatic Nanny what would be like if our children would be raised by robotic nannies A bit unnerving Omphalos how will your perception of Earth history will change if you ll learn that the Earth does not have 8912 years and humanity is not the reason for which the universe was created, as you thought Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom the most stunning of all how does he gets his ideas, beats me The others, which I already read, are below Three of them can be read online, if you care to get a glimpse on Chiang s writing, before enjoying this collection The Merchant and the Alchemist s Gate One can t change the past no matter what, but you ll see what by reading it a delightful time travel story in the style of Arabian tales One Thousand and One Nights Exhalation An exquisite philosophical introspection of the surrounding universe, meaning of life and what makes us who we are High class tech sci fi if you loved Stories of Your Life and Others, you ll love this one too Can be read here What s Expected of Us He really is the High Master of sci fi short stories It can be read here The Lifecycle...

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    4.5 starsA must for any Ted Chiang s fan Only two new stories, but really strong ones, and, of course, it s always a pleasure to reread Chiang s old stories.

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    Four things do not come back the spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, and the neglected opportunity Exhalation is a collections of short stories, The Merchant and the Alchemist s Gate, Exhalation , What s expected of us , The Lifecycle of Software Objects , Dacey s Patent Automatic Nanny , The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling , The Great Silence , Omphalos and Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom Some of these stories have been published before, but this was my first experience with the author so everything was new for me I fell in love with this book immediately, from the first story I have never read a sci fi book set in an ancient fairytale like Islamic culture, and I have to say it works very well Very interesting and original The second story was the weirdest for me, and somewhat hard to follow but still very interesting because of the amount of philosophical repercussions that are discussed inside the story itself, and not mainly in the afterwords which, incidentally, are very interesting and I never felt the need to skip them like in the rest of the book One of the stories, The Lifecycle of Software Objects , felt very long compared to the rest and almost like a short novel I appreciated the theory un...

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    This collection is just as good as Stories of Your Life and Others, with Exhalation, The Lifecycle of Software Objects, and Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom as particular standouts.Also The Merchant and the Alchemist s Gate, The Truth of Fact, The Truth of Feeling, and Omphalos Oh, all of them.

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    Exhalation Stories was my most anticipated book release of the year, the long awaited second collection by the perhaps most highly decorated SFF writer ever seriously on average, Chiang releases a short story every two years, and is seemingly incapable of publishing one without it being nominated for the genre s top awards , a full seventeen years after his first one, Stories of Your Life and Others.This book collects nine stories, two of which Omphalos and Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom are previously unpublished works As any other short story collection, it s a bit of a mixed bag, but the overall quality of Chiang s work rises high above the merely mediocre even the one that didn t work for me The Lifecycle of Software Objects ended up winning the Hugo Award, so if you re into any sort of speculative fiction at all, whether with a hard or soft sci fi touch, there ll likely be something to suit your taste in here the science is really just a fancy front to delve into the human and sometimes beyond condition with his unmatched delicacy I d say that the stories in this collection show a wider thematic range than the ones included in his first one he usually has a very matter of fact way of writing, but he seems confident in experimenting with both his prose and narrative style, and I have no doubt that he will rise to prominence in literary circles in defiance of being firmly rooted in a genre that s often looked down on He ...

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    Ci sono soltanto due autori che rileggo con estremo piacere uno Borges, l altro Chiang Entrambi danno il meglio con i racconti per entrambi, la forma del racconto uno strumento di indagine filosofica Nessuno dei due filosofeggia, entrambi costruiscono il racconto come una sorta di esperimento sociale I racconti di Borges sono pi astratti e spiccano per lo stile di un eleganza inarrivabile, aristocratica quelli di Chiang nascondono un potente impatto emotivo che, complice lo stile dimesso, pi che esplodere emerge con l inesorabilit di una marea Chiang catalogato come scrittore di fantascienza Giusto per rendere l idea, impianto e ambientazione del primo racconto sono mutuati da Le mille e una notte Nella parte di Shahraz d, un mercante che si sente in colpa per la morte della moglie e trova un modo per tornare nel passato il passato non pu essere cambiato, tuttavia lui scoprir qualcosa che gli cambier la vit...

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Exhalation: Stories An Alternate Cover Edition For This Book Can Be Found Here.From An Award Winning Science Fiction Writer Whose Short Story The Story Of Your Life Was The Basis For The Academy Award Nominated Movie Arrival , The Long Awaited New Collection Of Stunningly Original, Humane, And Already Celebrated Short StoriesThis Much Anticipated Second Collection Of Stories Is Signature Ted Chiang, Full Of Revelatory Ideas And Deeply Sympathetic Characters In The Merchant And The Alchemist S Gate, A Portal Through Time Forces A Fabric Seller In Ancient Baghdad To Grapple With Past Mistakes And The Temptation Of Second Chances In The Epistolary Exhalation, An Alien Scientist Makes A Shocking Discovery With Ramifications Not Just For His Own People, But For All Of Reality And In The Lifecycle Of Software Objects, A Woman Cares For An Artificial Intelligence Over Twenty Years, Elevating A Faddish Digital Pet Into What Might Be A True Living Being Also Included Are Two Brand New Stories Omphalos And Anxiety Is The Dizziness Of Freedom In This Fantastical And Elegant Collection, Ted Chiang Wrestles With The Oldest Questions On Earth What Is The Nature Of The Universe What Does It Mean To Be Human And Ones That No One Else Has Even Imagined And, Each In Its Own Way, The Stories Prove That Complex And Thoughtful Science Fiction Can Rise To New Heights Of Beauty, Meaning, And Compassion.