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Sports and Energy Drinks Download Sports And Energy Drinks By Alexandru Grumezescu Contra Saustall.eu Sports And Energy Drinks, Volume 10Science Of Beverages Series,isthe First Single Volume Resource To Focus On The Science Behind These Beverages For Purpose Products As Consumers Seek Ways To Effectively Replenish Key Nutrients After Strenuous Activity While Also Balancing Calories And Vitamin Intake Sports And Energy Drinks Are One Of The Fastest Growing Markets In The Industry From Protein To Fruit, Athlete To Adolescent Consumption, This Book Explores The Key Issues And Challenges In Developing Products That Meet Consumer Demand In A Safe And Effective Manner.This Series Takes A Multidisciplinary Approach To Help Research And Development Professionals Understand The Scientific Complexities Of These Unique Beverages As Sports And Energy Drinks Are Growing In Demand And The Market Becomes Competitive, This Timely And Useful Resource Will Equip Industry Professionals With The Tools They Need To Create New And Innovative Health Promoting Products.Presents New Findings On The Health Effects Of Sports And Energy DrinksProvides Research Analysis Of Existing Products To Promote New Product InnovationIncludes Information On Trace Minerals To Promote Safety And Quality

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