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If You Want to Make God Laugh From The Author Of The Beloved Hum If You Don T Know The Words Comes A Rich, Unforgettable Story Of Three Unique Women In Post Apartheid South Africa Who Are Brought Together In Their Darkest Time, And Discover The Ways That Love Can Transcend The Strictest Of Boundaries.In A Squatter Camp On The Outskirts Of Johannesburg, Seventeen Year Old Zodwa Lives In Desperate Poverty, Under The Shadowy Threat Of A Civil War And A Growing AIDS Epidemic Eight Months Pregnant, Zodwa Carefully Guards Secrets That Jeopardize Her Life.Across The Country, Wealthy Socialite Ruth Appears To Have Everything Her Heart Desires, But It S What She Can T Have That Leads To Her Breakdown Meanwhile, In Zaire, A Disgraced Former Nun, Delilah, Grapples With A Past That Refuses To Stay Buried When These Personal Crises Send Both Middle Aged Women Back To Their Rural Hometown To Lick Their Wounds, The Discovery Of An Abandoned Newborn Baby Upends Everything, Challenging Their Lifelong Beliefs About Race, Motherhood, And The Power Of The Past.As The Mystery Surrounding The Infant Grows, The Complicated Lives Of Zodwa, Ruth, And Delilah Become Inextricably Linked What Follows Is A Mesmerizing Look At Family And Identity That Asks How Far Will The Human Heart Go To Protect Itself And The Ones It Loves

  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • If You Want to Make God Laugh
  • Bianca Marais
  • 14 April 2017
  • 9780735219311

About the Author: Bianca Marais

Bianca Marais holds a Certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Toronto s School of Continuing Studies where she now teaches creative writing.Before becoming an author, she started a corporate training company and volunteered with Cotlands, where she assisted care workers in Soweto with providing aid for HIV AIDS orphans and their caregivers.She champions the Own Voices movement in he

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    Like her debut novel, Hum If You Don t Know the Words, this second one by Bianca Marais also has a lot to offer With the backdrop of post apartheid South Africa as Nelson Mandela is elected president, the political environment of the 1990 s is reflected It depicts the socioeconomic and racial divide of whites and blacks, the have and the have nots, the Aids epidemic, abuses by a Catholic priest, the stigma of homosexuality It s about the lives of three women whose lives are connected in a way that will both break your heart and put it back together.The first person narratives of three women in relatively short chapters had me drawn in from the beginning to each of their stories, which slowly unfold Delilah, an ex nun and relief worker and Ruth, an ex stripper who is going through a third divorce are sisters Both are returning to their home carrying burdens of their pasts and are in need for a place to live They have been estranged for years and the tension between them is evident from the first time they see each other Zowda, a pregnant teenage girl is trying to change her life, going to school , but has returned to the shack at the settlement where she lives with her dying mother Each of them have things that haunt them and it s very slow going in the middle ...

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    There s no doubt that Bianca is one of my favourite debut Author so reading an ARC of her second book is a really indescribable feeling and for that I want to thank Jordan from Putnam and the Author for providing me with this wonderful book If You Want To Make God Laugh takes place in South Africa during the late 90s and the Author s portraying is so fascinating.The prose that you ll read in this novel is really intriguing filled with some interesting topics which include rasicm, the corruption in church and some other ones that I m not going to spoil Bianca has a really unique way to blow our minds and dwell us in her fantastic love and hope story Bianca has merged survival and strength in a perfect way to bring us a unique experience from her fascinating characters.This is not my first book from Bianca to end it with tears so I wasn t surprised to wet the last pages but it really is worth reading and I can t wait for June so you can read it too Also the cover is so beautiful and glamorous and it s making my shelf even beautiful A very interesting fact for this book is that it references back to Bianca s first book Hum If You Don t Know The Words, not that it s a sequel but you can learn ...

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    For fans of Hum If You Don t Know the Words who were hoping for the story to continue this isn t a sequel but look out for Beauty and Robin who make cameo appearances in If You Want to Make God Laugh.I absolutely loved writing this book and I really hope you ll enjoy reading it.

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    Loved it so much Photos for this review and other reviews and recommendations on loved the author s debut, Hum if you Don t Know the Words, and feel the same about this wonderful upcoming novel out this summer The beauty and strength of the South African women will stick with you PREORDER your copy today If You Want to Make God Laugh is the fast moving and compelling story of three ladies, Zodwa, Ruth and Delilah, set in South Africa Easy to read chapters alternate points of view Zodwa is young girl, raped, pregnant, living in a squatter camp and ashamed of her romantic feelings of infatuation with her close girl friend When her baby is born, she was taken from her and later the same day her mother dies, leaving her alone, desperate and feeling lost.Delilah was raped when she was a teenager and was forces to leave her child at the convent she was excommunicated from due to her pregnancy She spent her years repenting while working at an orphanage, alone and lost.After a career of stripping and feeling unhappy in her relationship, Delilah s older sister, Ruth left her husband feeling sad and regretful for never being able to have a child Ruth and Delilah hadn t spoken to each other since they were young.The estranged sisters meet at their parent s empty house, Ruth intending to sell it and Delilah hoping to live there Tension runs high between the siblings, but after a newborn black baby was left on the doorstop, Ruth realizes her calling is...

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    Heartbreaking and beautiful I ve read the author s other book, Hum If You Don t Know the Words and with both books she does an excellent job at weaving historical facts into a story with complex characters dealing with heavy issues While I enjoyed both books, I think this one is slightly better If you haven t read anything by this author before, I strongly recommend giving her a try.This is the story of three women living in post Apartheid South Africa in the 1990s Seventeen year old Zodwa has grown up living in poverty and her dreams of escaping it might not come true as she is now pregnant On the surface, Ruth might appear to have it all, with her good looks and money, but she is feeling like her world is crashing down on her right before her eyes Delilah, a disgraced former nun, is devastated when she hears news about someone who is very important to her Their lives are somehow going to be linked to one another but you will have to read the book to find out how The story switches back and forth between the women and I can t single out a favorite because they each had an important story to tell There were good emotional moments with each character I don t want to give too much away about the book but I do think the s...

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    This book takes place around 20 years after the events in Hum if You Don t Know the Words and it shares some of the same characters However, it is a standalone story about 3 women, each of whom has had a difficult experience with motherhood Coincidentally, this is the second book I finished today in which a mother can not claim her relationship to her child This book was sometimes moving although it also sometimes felt manipulative and sentimental and got sort of tear jerky at the end and introduced a lot of issues including AIDS, rape, homosexuality, canned lion hunts and white supremacist Afrikaners One of the most touching moments to me was only tangentially related to the main story A 94 year old woman, after standing in line all day to vote for the first time after the end of Apartheid, is turned away because she has no birth certificate and was therefore unable to ...

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    Can I please give this book 6 stars Forget the sopho slum, If You Want to Make God Laugh is a truly spectacular follow up to Bianca Marais s first novel, Hum If You Don t Know the Words Marais emotional depiction of South Africa during the late 90s results in a stunning novel with depth She covers racism, homophobia, the AIDS epidemic, and corruption in church, with eye opening frankness and heart Her characters take root in your mind from the first page I found myself laughing, cheering, and crying along with their story The ending left me absolutely shattered as I read through tears Yet somehow, through the many difficult topics, Marais manages to weave a story filled with love and hope The writing is prosaic I found myself re reading certain lines to chew on the kernels of truth so eloquently written Every word, every sentence, has meaning to the story I also loved that references back to HUM It s not necessary to read HUM first, but you ll understand a bi...

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    I love it when an author comes along and unexpectedly blows my socks off In 2017, Bianca Marais left me utterly sockless after I read her debut novel, Hum If You Don t Know The Words It was a beautifully written story that tackled big topics with compelling characters, heart and compassion.So, you can imagine how excited I was when I heard Marais had a new book coming out Hint I looost it So, did I love it just as much as Hum Let s just say that Marais need not fear the dreaded sopho blues If You Want To Make God Laugh is an engaging story with vivid characters but it also has a personal connection to the author who draws from her own experiences when she volunteered with HIV infected children in her native country of South Africa Her experiences bring a depth, authenticity and emotion to her writing as she describes life in 1990 s South Africa as Apartheid is ending and the AIDS epidemic is taking hold Marais doesn t shy away from big issues such as the stigma of HIV, racism, homophobia, religious corruption and abuse of power She sets these issues within a compelling and touching story that follows the lives of three women and one little boy as they find strength in each other during a time of much suffering, rampant bigotry and ignorance.This is a well written, impactful and powerful story that focuses on the resiliency and tenacity of women from different backgrounds as South Africa s experiences its turbulent transition to democracy Bianca M...

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    So Bianca Marais, I put the blame squarely on you Your book has kept me reading way too late at night, caused me to be late for or miss entirely appointments because I had to read just one chapter Friends and family are waiting for me to return calls, texts, and emails, because I couldn t wouldn t out the book down Finally, I hold you responsible for all the crying, heartbreak, laughter, and joy I experienced reading your book.Okay, I really th...

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    Excellent I had high hopes for this bc I loved this author s debut, Hum if You Don t Know the Words and I wasn t let down This author somehow tackles the hardest of subject matter without making it too much to bear The misery that these characters face runs the gamut of the worst of the worst and yet their humanity and hope and the universal want for a better life for the...

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