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LaGuardia From Hugo, Nebula, And World Fantasy Award Winner Nnedi Okorafor Who Fears Death, Binti, Akata Series Comes Laguardia Set In An Alternative World Where Aliens Have Come To Earth And Integrated With Society, LaGuardia Revolves Around A Pregnant Nigerian American Doctor, Future Nwafor Chukwuebuka, Who Has Just Returned To NYC Under Mysterious Conditions After Smuggling An Illegal Alien Plant Named Letme Live Through LaGuardia International And Interstellar Airport S Customs And Security, She Arrives At Her Grandmother S Tenement, The New Hope Apartments In The South Bronx.There, She And Letme Become Part Of A Growing Population Of Mostly African And Shape Shifting Alien Immigrants, Battling Against Interrogation, Discrimination And Travel Bans, As They Try To Make It In A New Land But, As The Birth Of Her Child Nears, Future Begins To Change What Dark Secret Is She Hiding From The Team Behind Black Panther Long Live The King 6 Nnedi Okorafor And Illustrator Tana Ford Silk, Duck This Hardcover Collects The Entire 4 Issue Miniseries Of Laguardia.

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    I first discovered Okorafor with Binti which I loved She s the first science fiction writer in a long time, all right maybe 10 12 years, who made go I need to start buying of her books and will when of them hit paperback So, she s writing an original science fiction comic, no problem getting me to sign up This is a good examination of prejudice, especially in Trump Era America damn, I cringe just writing that Aliens have come to Earth, and Lagos is one of the busiest hubs for comings and goings At the same time the U.S has imposed even stricter restrictions on visa and passport The reader is introduced to this when after living for years in Lagos, Future elects to return home to America and struggles just getting past TSA.Future s parents were physicians killed in a riot about treating patients at the New York hospital t...

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    full review on my blog what initially drew me to laguardia was the writer, as nnedi okorafor is someone i m familiar with from her previous works, especially her binti series okorafor is an incredible africanfuturist writer, i m always in awe of her way of writing characters who feel so real and raw, and her talent for creating interesting and believable sci fi worlds.laguardia is fast paced and captivating, and is not shy about its intentions this is a book that takes the current immigration politics in the us, adds aliens from other parts of the universe, and tells a story about people who just want to have somewhere to live and study and work in peace.the one thing i had a bit of a though time with, was the art a lot of the time it was great, with vibrant colours and textures i could practically feel in with my hands through the screen, but every once in a while it would just feel slightly off human pro...

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    I picked up this review copy from Edelweiss because I loved Okorafor s writing for Shuri It s not every day that an author can transition from novel writing to comic writing so smoothly LaGuardia did not disappoint I read it in one sitting.It s obvious from every description and the author s note that this is an allegory about America First immigration policies specifically and racism and fear in America generally Usually I find that stories suffer from being overly allegorical, but this story was unique and engaging Although there were clear parallels with real world events, it didn t seem forced at all She builds fearful anti alien characters with compassion while tracing an arc that reveals the absurdity of their prejudices She creates a large cast of characters from across the world and the universe that illustrates the complexities of immigration, war, and hatred.My one complaint is a common complaint I have with comics released issue by issue Some scenes felt rushed or under developed, and I blame this on the length restrictions for each issue Still overall a wonderful, worthwhile read Plus Tana Ford s art is amazing Despite my complaints about it, I m so glad this is a com...

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    There aren t many western publishers pumping out African based sci fi or fantasy comic books so I was glad to see Nnedi Okorafor s LaGuardia on my Edelweiss list.The story itself is about aliens who came to earth as refugees and immigrants, contributed to earth s technology, then afterwards ostracised and discriminated against by humans Thick in the middle of these events are disruptions in relationships, riots, and hidden kindness in unexpected places.LaGuardia strengths lie in its characters and setting, which is unapologetically African as well as American Unique dialogue and its bright colours lend the work life and believability The characters unusual names Future, Letme, Citizen, Payment, etc takes away a bit of immersion from the reading I found myself pausing often, not sure if the names were verbs or nouns in many cases.LaGuardia is a satire that reflects the stupidity of racism and discrimination based on colour geographical location It is an African American fantasy ...

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    The tired aliens as Aliens conceit gets a worthy refresh courtesy of the rich imaginations of Okorafor and Ford This leisurely paced but affecting miniseries highlights complexities of the immigration question that are often absent from discussions in the West, visually realized in a style that recalls the birth of alternative cartooning in the 60s and 70s For on the creators approach, check out this po...

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    I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC from the publisher through Edelweiss As usual Okorafor provides historical context for a modern problem in the guise of science fiction As expected, I enjoyed the story I wish we could spend time...

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    read as single issues

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    Read all 4 issues of this in one go It s terrible that this seems like a totally plausible future based on our current foreign policies.

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    I m quickly becoming a fan of Nnedi Okorafor I loved Future and Citizen and Letme Live The only problem I have with this story is that it is way too short This would make a great mini series.

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    Interesting, timely exploration of immigration with sci fi aliens as the recipients of the ban To me, the art harkens back to some of the underground comics of the 60s, perhaps to highlight the counterculture underpinnings Overall, though, it felt rushed Pacing is super importa...

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