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To the Land of Long Lost Friends Mr J L B Matekoni Usually Steers Clear Of Mma Ramotswe S Cases, But On This Occasion He Is Approached By A Client Of The Garage Who Tells A Tale Of Woe This Man Has Entrusted His Brother To Oversee The Building Of A House, Yet The Project Is Complete And Now The Brother Won T Leave How Is He To Get Him To Move On Surprisingly, Mr Polopetsi Comes To The Rescue Elsewhere, A Woman With A Troublesome Daughter Comes To See Mma Ramotswe, And Mma Ramotswe Finds Herself Trying To Reconcile The Two Finally, Charlie Is Still Enamoured Of Queenie Queenie She, However, Has Developed A Fancy For Fanwell With The Threat Of An Awkward Love Triangle Looming, Mma Makutsi Gets Involved And So Do Her Shoes

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    There is just something so refreshing about reading another Precious Ramotswe book in this long running series I just love how much she loves Botswana and her life I like how her kindness finds unique solutions to her investigations This is so apparent in her case of a man whose wife suspects him of cheating with his math tutor I love the solution to that case Precious also discovers a friend that she had long thought was dead and her renewed friendship leads her into an investigation of a church established by a lay person with the name Mechanic in the title I like this church as it s held outside by a river with a barbecue going the entire time Now that s my idea of church Of course, there s going on Old favorites are also featured including Charlie who finally has something wonderful happen to him And what book would be complete without Mma Makutsi and her shoes And there is wonderful news from the orphanage that adds joy to Precious and her family You don t read these books necessarily for the story but for how good they make you feel and this one made me feel excellent I had a big smile on my face when I was done Now that s a satisfactory ending.

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    Same old, same oldMy dear Mma RamotsweIn 2004, you found a wonderful man, Alexander McCall Smith to write your story I will never forget the year and my excitement of meeting you for the first time You restored my African soul and made me fall in love with you, Mr JLB Makatoni, Charlie and Fanwell I tolerated Mma Makutsi and grew to respect her, but never to truly love her Maybe, it s her shoes, that answer back all the time Each year since then, I ve waited in anticipation for the latest instalment from Botswana Each year I ve marvelled at your generosity and kindness while finding solutions for your clients All this has changed this year I m not sure how to tell you this news It s bad news Mma I found that Rra McCall Smith did not do you any service this year He must have forgotten all the notes he d written down after visiting you and so all he did was repeat some of the stories we ve heard before over and over again I did love the story of the baby coming to live with you and Charlie getting married please send him my best wishes But Mma, that was just a few lines No Mma this is not good Not good at all How could so little have happened in one year Mma, please speak to Rra McCall Smith and tell him he must please not repeat stories He must not forget his notes with you I want to hear about you solving the puzzles your clients bring you Not repeat, repeat, repeat stories from long ago My memory does not need reminding Please Mma, tell him Tell him we want all your stories and clients puzzles back.With my very best wishes Mma ImbaliBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.

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    I always look forward to a new book in The Ladies No.1 Detective Agency This is the 20th book in this enjoyable series and have read them all with pleasure If one is unfamiliar with these books, and looking for a fast paced and complicated mystery involving brutality and murder, this may not be for you These lovely stories contain much wit and wisdom and a gentle philosophy of life This is a relaxing read where I feel I am welcoming back old friends In Precious Ramotswe s thoughts The bad behaviour with which No.1 Ladies Detective Agency was concerned was not really all that bad They saw selfishness and greed they saw vanity, and its cousin, insecurity They did not see major cruelties, nor great frauds and dishonesties Most of the narrative consists of amusing but thought provoking dialogue Precious Ramotswe, a woman of high moral values, is the owner and manager of the detective agency Helping her in the office and investigations is her assistant Mma Makutsi This proud, prickly, and argumentative lady has promoted herself from secretary to detective She has now given herself some sort of management title The impoverished Charlie worked as an apprentice mechanic but never made it as a full fledged mechanic He now is an office assistant for Mma Ramotswe, Charlie longs for the title of assistant detective but has to put up with insults from Mma Maktusi who impedes his progress In helping with their detective investigations, he is confused about the need for subterfuge in questioning witnesses However, he learns that being completely honest in his personal relationships may be remarkably rewarded Precious becomes reacquainted with an old friend and finds her unhappy due to an estrangement from her adult daughter The cause is unknown She learns that the daughter works in a diamond sorting facility and now drives a very expensive car and lives in an upscale apartment This looks suspicious to Precious and her team She also learns that an old acquaintance who was enjoying great wealth was now broke and had given away her Mercedes Benz Precious is determined to restore kindness, happiness to these women, and she hopes for a feeling of equality throughout her Botswana community They take on these cases free of charge There is another investigation requested by a woman who suspects her husband is being unfaithful He claims his frequent visit with a woman is to learn mathematics from her The truth turns out to be very complicated If you are a fan of The Ladies No 1 Detective Agency, don t miss this enjoyable addition to the series.

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    I am amazed that Alexander McCall Smith, one of the most prolific of contemporary authors, has managed to write another wonderful story about Precious Ramotswe and her fellow residents of Botswana Mma Ramotswe meets an old friend who is estranged from her daughter, and her investigation dovetails in a surprising way with another problem handled by the indomitable Mma Potokwame Precious treats everyone with kindness, because kindness, after all, did not distinguish between those who merited it, and those who did not It was like rain, she thought It fell everywhere and made everything green and alive once That is what it did This might sound trite in less skilled hands, but McCall Smith has delineated the character of Precious Ramotswe so carefully that it sounds perfect Highly recommended.

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    I cannot not like any of these stories, I just love the characters and the Botswana setting too much Still, this one was sadly a little lacking I missed the usual slow build up of the one central case, where we are on a journey of discovery together with Mma Ramotswe and her helpers Also the other developments, Charlie s engagement and baby Daisy, are treated a little too fleetingly for my taste I love Mr McCall Smith s writing, but could it be that he is working on too many projects

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    4.5 Mma Ramotswe sighed You had to sigh sometimes, because life was so complicated or impenetrable or because people behaved in a messy way or because there was simply no ready solution to a human mix up you should not expect a resolution of everything because some details in any picture were simply not there, and never would be I cannot tell you the complete and utter joy I get in opening up a fresh new tale from the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency It is hard to believe this is the 20th instalment Yes You read correctly, twenty and still going strong Precious Ramotswe and her life in Botswana is a place I long to retreat to after a long, hard day Followers of this series are in it for the long haul as it s like catching up with old friends More often than not, it s not the slow, gentle story investigation that unfurls that draws you in, but rather the tidbits that make you smile, or pearls of wisdom that cause you to pause and consider These are tales that make you feel Alexander McCall Smith has managed once again to write another wonderful tale where our leading lady, Precious, encourages us to slow down, ponder and express gratitude To many it might at times appear trite, but such is the superb craftsmanship of Alexander that it provides us with a gentle reminder to be open minded and extend warmth to those around us She rose from her desk She had already had a cup of tea at home, before she left for the office, but that was no reason not to have one now A cup of tea usually restored perspective on things,and that was what she needed now, rather than to sit and think about the ways in which the modern world was ordered And she was right a steaming cup of redbush tea was sufficient to banish thoughts of change and decay and to restore the spirits This was going to be a good day she was determined to make that so and she was going to work steadily and efficiently through the list of tasks she had written out for herself Thanks goes to Hachette Australia for a copy to read and review.

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    Copy received from Hachette Australia for an honest reviewI have read the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series on and off over the years and have enjoyed them.However, this one was a miss for me It was lacking that something that makes these books great.This installment just felt like it was earlier books on repeat, and it really did not do Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi justice though I have not really been a fan of Mms Makutsi in the past either I did like that Charlie got married highlight of the book for me, though we didn t get enough of it.I hope Mr McCall Smith can bring back the great in later books.

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    No need to read the preceding books in the series Anytime I can connect with a new story of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency and traditionally built Precious Ramotswe it is a good thing Anyone who hasn t read a book in the series just try the opening sample of this book or the first title in the series, the writing just sucks you right in The humor and the stories are wonderfully entertaining This title opens up at a wedding in October just before the rains come and you really get a sense of the land and the citizens feelings for their country and culture Mma Ramotswe has reconnected with an old friend who has been having problems with her daughter Though Precious feels compelled to lend a hand, she discovers that getting involved in family affairs is always a delicate affair The young woman appears to be involved with a charismatic preacher But are his ministrations entirely of a godly nature Elsewhere, Charlie is also struggling with a tricky matter of the heart He wishes to propose to his girlfriend, Queenie Queenie, but he s struggling to come up with a bride price that will impress her father When Queenie Queenie s brother offers to help by giving him a job, the offer may not be quite what Charlie expected As always, Mr J.L.B Matekoni will offer wise counsel, Mma Makutsi will weigh in with her opinions, and Mma Potokwane will be there with her welcome fruit cake But in the end it will be up to Mma Ramotswe to reflect on love, family, and the nature of men and women in order to resolve family dramas and remind everyone about all the good things they have in life so many, in fact, that it would take far too long to count them.

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    Precious Ramotswe and her Ladies 1 Detective Agency returns in this story about reconnecting with old friends While Precious and her husband were attending a wedding of a distant relative, she spotted Calviniah, a woman she thought had died in an accident It turns out the friend was very much alive and had been mixed up with someone else by the newspapers.So the 2 ladies met for lunch to catch up on their lives since they had not seen each other for many years Calviniah told Precious about her daughter, a young woman with an excellent job, who recently stopped speaking to her mother Calviniah said she did not know why her daughter was acting this way and that she was very hurt Since things were slow at the Detective Agency, Precious decided to investigate the estrangement as a favor to her long lost friend Mma Makutsi, the other detective and Charlie, the assistant detective, all help solve the problem of why Calviniah s daughter now avoided her mother They also had the assistance of Precious s dear friend Mma Potokwane, the matron of the orphanage who has connections all over Botswana.Another part of the book examines the dilemma facing Charlie He is a poor young man struggling to make ends meet and to save enough for the traditional dowry to marry his girlfriend Queenie Queenie She is the daughter of a wealthy man and he has been unofficially engaged to her for a long time.Once again the author uses the stories to examine human nature as well as long standing customs in Botswana He paints an interesting picture of the lives of simple country people who have moved to the cities of Botswana and how the move has affected their lives The ARC was provided by Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    The 20th instalment in this series features all the familiar characters and follows the faithful formula, but it s not the best of the bunch There are three central storylines but as usual they take a backseat to the characters sitting around drinking tea and discussing life For whatever reason I found their conversations less interesting than usual and at least one of the storylines gets wrapped up so abruptly in the final two pages that I didn t fully understand how it had come together Nevertheless this is a warm hearted and easy read.

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