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Reminiscences Written in his own hand and finished only weeks before his death, Gen Douglas MacArthur s memoir spans than half a century of modern history His vantage point at center stage during major controversies of the twentieth century enabled him to present unique views of the conflicts in which he played a vital role No soldier in modern time has been admired or reviled Liberator of the Philippines, shogun of Occupied Japan, victor of the Battle of Inchon, the general was a national hero when suddenly relieved of his command by President Truman His supporters believe his genius for command and ability to implement that command by strategy stand as landmarks in military history His critics are not so kind, calling him a gigantic ego paying homage to himself in this book Decade by decade, battlefield by battlefield, this self portrait is a moving final testament to a life of service that began at West Point and continued in Vera Cruz during the Mexican uprisings and throughout the world wars Appointed Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Pacific, MacArthur was the architect of the campaign to drive the Japanese from their strongholds at Bataan, Corregidor, and New Guinea His recounting of World War II is dramatically punctuated with intimate portraits of key personalities and insights into his stand on controversial issues Although the autobiography was written than thirty years ago, it continues to be a valuable document of the period. Read Reminiscences Author Douglas MacArthur – freeboooks.com

✓ Public library Books Reminiscences  ePUB Author Douglas MacArthur – freeboooks.com
  • Paperback
  • 472 pages
  • Reminiscences
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • English
  • 05 December 2018
  • 1557504830

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About the Author: Douglas MacArthur

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Reminiscences book, this is one of the most wanted Douglas MacArthur author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Reminiscences

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    Some readers say he was arrogantI say he was accomplished He was the George Washington of our times Really a day to day memoir of a true patriot functioning under restraints of inept political leaders while bringing post war Japan from a feudal state to a f...

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    Because I have a voracious appetite for history and the fascinating figures from the past, this was right up my alley.You may have heard a lot about this man, words like egotistical, bold, audacious, intelligentI couldn t speak intelligently about any of those but this book is great The man had an absolute mastery of the English language that few these days can even fathom much less put into practice I admire that immensely so just reading that style and quality is a treat.Let s face it the Because I have a voracious appetite for history and the fascinating figures from the past, this was right up my alley.You may have heard a lot about this man, words like egotistical, bold, audacious, intel...

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    This book provides a glimpse into the mind of a remarkable man, probably the greatest military thinker in American history Classically educated, he was a philosopher of conflict, and managed to taketerritory with fewer casualti...

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    This is Douglas MacArthur s biography It covers his whole life and overall, I thought it was well written The author definitely has a pretty good opinion of himself If I had won as many medals and battles as he did, I m sure...

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    I was reading this book when I visited the Vietnam War Memorial and the then new Korea War Memorial Reading MacArthur write about the frustrations of the Korean War and how, in his opinion, US Intelligence was being leaked to the North Koreans, made it a very emotional day The...

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    I just finished the book this morning, and it was an account of America s military involvement to the extent that MacArthur was involved in it, and he was involved in a whole lot of it His grandfather served on the Supreme Court, appointed by President Grant It was this grandfather that taught MacArthur to play poker Douglas MacArthur s father, Arthur MacArthur, was a distinguished officer in the Civil war and the American West The book relates incidents of bo...

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    A very enlightens and captivating account of the able leadership of General Douglas MacArthur A lot of learnings for oneself as the General mostly fought against the odds with valour and zeal The accounts are very captivating and help enlighten the world war events too.

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    What a great book, I feel like I obtained a unique view into a critical time of our nation s history by a gifted leader and military man What really stood out was his great understanding of other countries in Army terms Civil Affairs and disconnects he had with the political movements within our country which lead to his removal in Korea The predictions at the end of this book have proved to be very prescient His concern that socialism, capture of industry for political gain, and imprudent ...

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    A view inside the thoughts of one of America s greatest leaders You also get to see a hint of the arrogance that the man possessed.

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