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Interpreting the New Testament: Essays on Methods and Issues The Editors Of This Book Contend That One Of The World S Best Known And Most Influential Bodies Of Literature Is One Of The Least Understood This Is Due Both To The Proliferation Of Modern Hermeneutical Approaches And To The Lack Of Understanding Of The Historical Backgrounds Of The New Testament In Their Sequel To Their Earlier Work, New Testament Criticism And Interpretation, Black And Dockery Present Essays On Current Issues And Methods With The Purpose Of Enhancing New Testament Interpretation, Teaching, And Preaching, And Providing A Useful Means Of Learning What The New Testament Is All About.

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    Here s a collection of 22 essays on issues involved in New Testament interpretation This collection boasts a host of highly respected scholars including Peter Davids, David Dockery, Darrell Bock, Grant Osborne, George Guthrie, Craig Blomberg, Robert Stein, Gary Burge, John Polhill, Thomas Schreiner, and several others I view this book as a superb secondary text on New Testament hermeneutics Keep this book nearby to your chosen hermeneutics textbook and you will find the extra help that you need.Part one is an introduction that contains the first two essays The first one on authority, hermeneutics, and criticism by Peter Davids is quite provocative Though I cannot agree with every statement he made, I couldn t help being instructed by what he shared The second chapter provides a fine historical survey of New Testament interpretation.Part two contains essays 3 8 covering the basic methods in New Testament interpretation All told, textual, source, form, redaction, literary, and sociological criticism are all covered in turn Though I am skeptical of the value several of these critical methods, I find these essays outstanding in explaining what each of these criticisms are Whether we agree or not, these critical methods play such a part in the modern scholarly world that we must at least grasp what they mean Though these authors may find value here than I do, they still write in a conservative vein.Part three...

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    Used for a seminary NT class As with any compilation of essays, you are going to get it all the good, the bad, and the boring A healthy mix of all three.

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    This contains a good overview of some of the many criticisms that can be used in the study of the New Testament, as well as some other NT issues.

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