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Of Heaven and Earth This Book Contains Further Information On Sitchin S Theories About The Origins Of Mankind And The Intervention Of Intelligence From Beyond The Earth He And The Other Contributors Offer A Scholarly Approach To The Ancient Astronaut Theory This Book Contains The Complete Transcript Of The First Sitchin Studies Day, Held In Denver, Colorado On Oct, Following Sitchin S Detailed Keynote Address Are Six Other Prominent Speakers Whose Work He Has Influenced They Include Philosopher Neil Freer, UFO Expert J Antonio Huneeus, Clergyman Father Charles Moore, Author V Susan Ferguson, And Two University Professors, Madeleine Briskin And Marlene Evans They Agree That Certain Myths Were Actual Events Instead Of Figments Of Imaginations They Also Agree That Sitchin S Work Comprises The Early Part Of A New Paradigm One That Is Already Beginning To Shake The Very Foundations Of Religion, Archaeology And Our Society In General

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    An OK read.I read this book with an opened mind, but I really should have read The Earth Chronicles first Each author has a different style of writing and I had trouble holding my interest.

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