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Analog 7 Anderson, Poul Aka Winston P Sanders Elementary Mistake Analog Foray, Verge Lost Calling Analog Herbert, Frank The Featherbedders Novelette Analog Hodous, Mike Dead End Analog Laumer, Keith The Last Command Analog Macfarlane, W Free Vacation Analog McCaffrey, Anne Weyr Search Novella Analog Phillifent, John T Aka John Rackham Aim For The Heel Novelette Analog Reynolds, Mack Fiesta Brava Novella Analog Shaw, Bob Burden Of Proof Analog Wodhams, Jack There Is A Crooked Man Novella Analog

  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Analog 7
  • John W. Campbell Jr.
  • English
  • 01 December 2017

10 thoughts on “Analog 7

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    An OK selection of stories from one year s issues of Analog magazine in this case 1967, and put together here in July 1970 Campbell as an editor certainly wasn t going new wave This was not much better a collection than Analog 6 which covered the year 1966, and a handful of stories save this from the trash heap This was a large anthology for the time that included the following Aim for the Heel 1967 novelette by John T PhillifentFiesta Brava United Planets 1967 novella by Mack ReynoldsFree Vacation 1967 short story by Wallace MacfarlaneThe Featherbedders 1967 novelette by Frank HerbertWeyr Search 1967 novella by Anne McCaffreyLost Calling 1967 short story by Verge ForayThe Last Command 1967 short story by Keith LaumerDead End 1967 short story by Mike HodousThere Is a Crooked Man 1967 novella by Jack WodhamsElementary Mistake 1967 short story by Poul AndersonBurden of Proof 1967 short story by Bob ShawThe blurb on the cover says Eleven excellent science fiction stories ranging from the ends of the galaxy to the mafia of the future Hmmm.My comments on some of the stories Included in here among the good stories is Weyr Search , the first story by Anne McCaffrey in what would become her famous and long running Dragonriders of Pern series It won the 1968 Hugo award for best novella I hadn t read it in a very long time and was glad to do so For a 50 year old tale it held up better than I thought it might It was the highlight of this collection for me A bit darker than I remembered but still, this is one of the stories that got my hooked on the genre long ago Makes me want to try and reread some of the books in the series The first story here, Aim for the Heel immediately makes me think of Achilles, and the appropriateness of the title didn t dawn on me until the end of this rather old fashioned but good piece of storytelling On the downside I thought two of the longest stories were also among the weakest Fiesta Brava annoyed me, increasingly, until I gave up on it I can t believe people read and enjoyed stuff like that one Then, There is a Crooked Man by Jack Wodhams was just a bit too creepy as well as uninteresting so I didn t finish this one either Some people must think it worthwhile however because the story is included in a large anthology of 50 years of the best Australian Science Fiction Writing published in 2005.Frank Herbert s The Featherbedders and Verge Foray s Lost Calling were both entertaining with a bit of humor to them Laumer s Bolo tale about a buried tank coming to life to fight its last battle was also pretty good and also a bit touching The last story, Burden of Proof was Bob Shaw s follow up to the superb Light of Other Days I thought it good, but I am biased in favor of the slow glass stories and Bob Shaw s storytelling.Overall too much space was wasted on poor stories but there were some good ones 2 1 2 stars

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    It has some good stories, some bad ones Overall pretty good at stoking the imagination Not a must read, but I don t regret reading it myself I was in the mood for science fiction and this fit the bill nicely.

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    A collection of short science fiction from Analog Magazine read during the 1982 83 winter break from Loyola University Chicago.

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