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’Til it Bleeds Darkness, Demonic Possession, The Gates Of Hell Threaten To Open, And Evil Threatens To Rise Over The Land In Ohio.The Hands Of Fate, A Pair Of Ancient Relics With Untold Power, Have Gone Missing, And It S Up To A Special Pair Of Operatives To Recover Them.The Guild Has Assigned Their Best Bonded Fighting Unit, Faith And Vice, To Recover The Legendary Hands From A Scheming Under Investigator Seduced By Their Dark Power But With Summoned Demons, Power Hungry Humans, And Maybe Even The Guild Itself Standing In The Way, The Two Men Have An Unrelenting Fight On Their Hands A Fight To Save An Undeserving Humanity From Itself, Protect The Innocents They Are Sworn To Save, And Uncover The Dangerous Truths Hidden Deep Within The Hearts Of The Guild, All While Holding Their Own Inner Demons Under Tight Rein Demons Driven By Lust And Blood Hunger, And Only Satiated By Each Other.To Succeed, And To Save The World, They May Have To Fight Til It Bleeds, And Beyond.

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    Originally reviewed for Uniquely PleasurableBefore you read any further, I must advise that this review contains a significant amount of spoilers This is normally something I try to avoid, but in reviewing this piece it is not possible to avoid spoilers That having been said Have you ever watched a low budget speculative television show you know, some of the cheesier made for TV movies SciFi Network comes up with and you just know they don t have the budget to deliver the special effects spectacular the previews promise But you watch anyway, figuring this might just turn into one of those guilty pleasures like Mommie Dearest but with bad green screen You grin knowingly when, right before the commercial break, they build up to the exciting battle you know they can t afford Sure enough, when they come back from the break, the battle is over, the landscape littered with fake bodies and blood too red to be believable You sit there, mouth agape as the characters talk about how brutal the battle was Of course, you didn t see it, because they couldn t afford it.Well, in Til it Bleeds, author Stephanie Burke manages to create the literary equivalent of those movies, but without the self effacin...

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    Faith and Vice are a bonded fighting unit of half demon, half human beings Despite the name, Faith is not less dangerous or crazy than Vice when they fight, the don t fight with an honor code, everything is allowed, and feisting on the dead is the normal ending for a good battle The pair is no good than the evils they fight, they could be consider the good part only since they work for The Guild, a secret organization devoted to destroy all the evil demons on earth And to destroy demons what is better than using even dangerous creatures matched demons who relive in their bond.Vice is the crazy, born from a madman who enjoy the killings of innocent soul Vice can t reason well without his mate beside, and only the soothing presence of Faith makes him an useful weapon for the justice, otherwise he will be one of the hunted Faith instead is born from a lust demon, so he uses the lust to control and direct Vice and at the same time to satiate his inner demon Only a crazy like Vice is enough for Faith, and only a strong demon like Faith is enough for Vice Alone they would be dangerous, together they are deadly.There is a lot of blood, sliced body parts and sex in not so hyginic condition it s like one of those Z level horror movie, where the blood is so red that can be only tomato juice an...