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Shifting Perspectives 2 A Fish, A Pigeon, And A Swan Unusual Creatures With Unusual Tales Of Love Lost And Discovered Await You In This New M M Romance Anthology Read About The Biggest Fish Story Ever And The Man Who Had To Come To Grips With The Stories His Father Told In The One That Got Away By Sharon Maria Bidwell Follow A Racing Pigeon As He Tries To Get Back To His Lover In Fiona Glass S, Steal The Sky , And Finally Return To The Struggling Relationship Between Rudy And Sandy As They Come To Terms With Sandy S Heritage And Rank In Emily Veinglory S Heartpounding Tale The Swan Prince.

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    This anthology follows the previous shifter anthology with the same title, and two of the stories in it are real sequel The new one instead is a nice add, since as the other two, is quite a shift pun intended on the classical shapeshifter romance, where wolves, felines and similar rule Instead the shifters in this three short stories are a fish, a pigeon and a bunch of rats, animals usually so small and not scaring, that are not the primary choice for a romance But never under...

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    The Swan Prince by Emily Veinglory 3 starsThe One That Got Away by Sharon Maria Bidwell 4 starsSteal The Glass by Fiona Glass 4 stars

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