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Wild Ride PDF Epub Wild Ride By Willa Okati Derbybusinesscentres.co.uk Nikos And Rand Are Set To Be The Next Leaders Of Their Clan, Nikos As The Secret Keeper And Rand As The Chief Of The Hunters Nikos Is Also Rand S Chosen Mate, No Matter Nikos Thoughts On The Matter But Then A Hunt For A Nightling Goes Wrong And Nikos Finds That All Is Not What It Appears Alexei Is From The Past And Has Come To Take Nikos Back To 2007 And Teach Him All That He Could Be, If He Will Put His Fate In Alexei S Very Capable Hands.

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    Nikos lives in a futuristic apocalyptic world Earth is regressed to a primitive stadium, and people live in tribes, without all the modern technology Paranormal creatures are seen as monsters to be hunt like the primitive men used to do with dinosaurs When young men arrive to the threshold of adulthood, they need to face a monster, a Nightling.Nikos is a Secret Keeper, almost a shaman for his tribe He is mated by the tribe to Rand, an hunter, but he doesn t love the man Nor the man loves him back, he uses Nikos only like a sexual relief body Then one night during an hunt, Nikos meets Alexei and from that moment Nikos realizes that he is different from Rand and from all the people on the tribe, he craves for something than Rand could give him Alexei return back a second time and this time he wants to bring back Nikos to what he calls their world Alexei claims that Nikos is his real mate and that they are fated to be together.The story is really too short, less than 60 pages, to fully develop all the elements it has the futuristic world, the paranormal beings, the time travel it can be only a fast taste of something bigger So what I liked in it is above all the characters Nikos is a nice man, with his own desires but with a very unselfish attitude probably if for him, he would let them go, and lives the life other wants for him Alexei instead starts as a dominant character to soo...

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    There is a very intricate world here Unfortunately all the details remain with the author leaving the reader, or at least this reader, terribly confused as to who, what, when, where, why, and how.