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DeadFellas Epub DeadFellas Author David Whitman Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk And The Headlines ReadUNDEAD WALK THE EARTH, LOCAL THUG FOUND HALF EATEN, PSYCHO BACK FROM DEAD I Ve Honestly Never Read Anything Like This It S Like John D McDonald S The Girl, The Gold Watch, And Everything Meets Night Of The Living Dead Meets One Of Those British Crime Films From The 70 S All Directed By Tim Burton Greg Gifune, Author Of Drago Descending , Down To Sleep

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    This is a crazy little book If you enjoy stuff along the lines of John Dies at the End, then this is one for you Our tale follows the adventures of Tim and Francis, two hitmen who are on the job Once they get to the hit, though, things go insanely wrong Let s just say there is a large cast in this book, but only a few characters Crazy stuff, with the biggest problem being tha...

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    Who doesn t love a smarmy clipped brit accent and the distortion of reality and a bunch of undead running amuck From the start I imagined the characters similar to the supporting cast from Lock Stock Two Smoking Barrels trolling through the cemetery on the way to a hit, oblivious to the trap of insanity about the snatch them up Only a group of hit men could have such great humor in dealing with the undead Loved every bit of this book because, well frank...

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    This was actually quilte silly and fun.

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