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Alexa Alexa, Impulsive, Gay And Very Appealing, Stands Out Against A Vivid Background Of Live People There Are Rollo, The Passionate Yet Reluctantlover Kathryn Who Is Afraid Of The Past Cold Sylvester And Clever Irene Gay Delia And Kind Sir Frederick Ethel Who Is Angry With Life, And Frank Who Is Bewildered By It The Uneasy Atmosphere Of Impending Tragedy Pervades The Book Until That Breathtaking Climax In Alexa Stands Face Toface With Horror In The Misty Wood This Is A Story Of Laughter And Thrills, Of Tragedy And Comedy, Of A Great Fear Which Was Overcome By Love A Finenovel That Will Hold The Reader S Attention To The Last Word

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    This is the first Eleanor Burford novel I have been able to purchase, due to scarcity and cost, and I am happy to report that not only do I own such a rare novel, but I really enjoyed reading it as well I didn t know what to expect with this book, because it s an earlier work than most of her historical novels written under Jean Plaidy, Kathleen Kellow and Ellalice Tate, and in a separate genre I can t speak for all Eleanor Burford titles, but this one was set in the time it was written late 1940 s and focused on a girl who was not what she d been brought up to believe.The first chapter in the book gives a snippet of Alexa s parent s love affair and then jumps to her life at the age of 10, as a farmer s daughter Her birth mother, Kathryn, was from an affluent family and with the help of her friend, Delia, hid her pregnancy and placed her daughter with a family close to her home so that she could watch over her Alexa is a vibrant, happy child and always looking for the good in everyone and everything Her personality is contagious and she is an easily well liked protagonist Her foster sister is as different in personality and appearance as possible, but there is a bond between them Both girls are educated by the benevolent ladies who show a special interest in their plight Alexa, who did not shine academically as her sister did, ended up a companion of the mysteriously generous ladies she had grown to revere Meanwhil...

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