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Jewish/Christian/queer: Crossroads and Identities (Queer Interventions) At A Time When Major Branches Of Judaism And Most Christian Denominations Are Addressing The Relationship Between Religion And Homosexuality, Jewish Christian Queer Offers A Unique Examination Of The Similarities Between The Queer Intersections Of Judaism And Christianity And The Queer Intersections Of The Homosexual And The Religious This Volume Investigates Three Forms Of Queerness The Rhetorical, Theological And Discursive Dissonance At The Meeting Points Between Christianity And Judaism, The Crossroads Of The Religious And The Homosexual, And The Intersections Of These Two Forms Of Queerness Namely, Where The Religiously Queer Of Jewish And Christian Speech Intersects With The Sexually Queer Of Religiously Identified Homosexual Discourse In All Of These Spaces, What Are The Impacts On Identity Including Essays On Literature And Literary Theory, Christian Theology, Biblical, Rabbinic, And Jewish Studies, Queer Theory, Architecture, Freud, Gay And Lesbian Studies And History, Jewish Christian Queer Will Have A Truly Interdisciplinary Appeal.

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