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    Also posted in Gapers Block Book Club Poetry is a sneaky beast a poem can mean one thing to one person and mean something completely different to someone else For me, Orange Crush is all about women their persecution, their struggle to become something, and their refusal to give up Simone Muench follows this arc in elegant little bursts of language that takes the reader from Fever damaged girls Spells and vixens and dead calico kittens to We were once lithographs smeared with ink chapped hands, now we are smooth and inscrutable as bone china Muench s collection starts with Record, a section devoted to the abuse of women each poem a tribute to their mistreatment, be it whipping, the room grows thick with incisions weather me better master You Were Long Days and I Was Tiger Lined witch hunts, the little girls are sick, their voices muffled by smoke and wool hands and psalms Psalm illness, We lay down fixed as wax, let the hospital s IV ghost sonata troll through us Count Backward Toward a Future with You in It or even by their own design, Surge of marrow when the body bends toward its own dismantling A Captivating Corset These poems bleed death and memo...

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    In her newest collection of poetry, Orange Crush, Simone Muench devotes an entire section to the Orange Girls According to the back jacket of the book, In the seventeenth century, the closest a woman ever got to a theater was just outside the door, selling sweet china oranges at sixpence each or maybe herself to the audience These girls, we later find out, were viewed as just a little better than common prostitutes For many readers including myself this bit of women s history is new, and intriguing As I dove into these poems, I was first reminded of the novels of Jean Rhys Some of the lines are best read in their historical context, that is a description of an Orange Girl s experience in eras past For example, in the voice of one girl we hear an explanation of her job and maybe even her identity there are only two ways to peel an orange in fragments or in one coiling brightness But most of the poems in this section are chillingly contemporary For example, in one poem, one girl laments We were translated by churchwomen who placed umlauts over our words In another poem, the poet explains the plight of a murdered girl who was dragged along the waterfront dropped in a dumpster wearing a yellow shawl and pearl earrings The city that hovers over this girl is cruel, thick with cold cases ...

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    Fantastic These are the kinds of poems I aspire to write.

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    A review by Mark Eleveld, published by BarnesNoble Review in 2010 Orange Crush by SIMONE MUENCH Simone Muench is a Chicago poet by way of Louisiana Her third book of poems, Orange Crush, sets its tone early with her opening lines Trouble came and trouble brought greasy, ungenerous things The tempting call in this poem, Hex, evokes a depravity which sets the stage for Muench s central characters London s seventeenth century orange girls, who sat outside theaters selling china oranges for six pence each or, accurately, selling themselves to the audience, to the men, to the trouble to come The title of the volume plays on the soda pop, the fun in orange and the playfulness in crush whether a violence to something or a young love for someone The poems, divided into four sections Record, Rehearsal, Recast, and Redress are chock full of historical moments and tough views on the continued subjugation of women The poem Orange Girl Suite stands out as a passionate both loving and horrifying revelation of the female plight Muench s word choices catch a hard gentility of body and mind with precise and vile moments my skin is soft the safety s off And Orange Crush is highly musical at times it has the pace of a horror movie score, leading the re...

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    As is widely known, the U.S military is one of the last bastions of an aggressive masculine ethos in a society that collectively, if unconsciously, worships at the altar of feminism Or, so says the conservative pundits on a possible repeal of Don t Ask, Don t Tell Simone Muench s book comes in a timely fashion, as it is proof that these notions of a nation worshiping at the altar of feminism are unfounded and horrifying double think She explores the oppression and abuse to women from the past and still present, all the while incorporating orange as a color and object throughout the book Feminism is far from worshiped today, and yet it is not as dead as a number of women by hands of men, by the hands of aggression Feminism is a...

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    I have to start this review by saying I love Simone Muench, I love Sarabande Books, and I love the title Orange Crush Now that we re at full disclosure, I ll add that I enjoyed reading this collection, and it does deliver exactly what the blurb promises lightning associations Here are some of my favorites Is desire a viral captivity ...

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    I am most of the way through this and have enjoyed Muench s adept ways with language but also been disappointed by certain elements of these poems.As beautiful as the imagery is here, I often feel that readers are not given much than beauti...

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    Unfortunately for me , it seems as if nothing will overshadow my love for Muench s debut, The Air Lost in Breathing, which is as near to perfection as a book of poetry could ever hope to be With that said, Orange Crush is a glorious exploration through language, and a stunn...

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    This is a great book.

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Orange Crush: Poems Muench S Lush Figures Give Great Pleasure To Both Ear And Eye, And Her Imaginative Leaps Can Feel Both Mysterious And Inevitable, In A Way That Recalls Not Only Desnos, But Also Neruda The New York Times Book Review Her Language Is Refreshing, Musical, Attenuated Anne WaldmanSimone Muench Lives In Chicago.

  • Paperback
  • 88 pages
  • Orange Crush: Poems
  • Simone Muench
  • English
  • 07 October 2017
  • 9781932511796

About the Author: Simone Muench

Simone Muench was raised in Benson, Louisiana and Combs, Arkansas She is the author of five full length collections including Lampblack Ash Sarabande, 2005 , Orange Crush Sarabande, 2010 , and Wolf Centos Sarabande, August, 2014 Her most recent chapbook Trace received the Black River Award Black Lawrence Press, 2014 Some of her honors include an NEA fellowship, Illinois Arts Council