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New Exiles Volume 4: Away We Go TPB In A World Where Dinosaurs And Humans Fight Side By Side To Ensure Global Security, An Invading Alien Force Threatens To Destroy All That They Have Accomplished But The Aliens Objective Is Not To Destroy This World It Is Only A Means To Their True End The Assassination Of Their Own Rightful Queen

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    This review covers all four volumes of New Exiles This run is a real disappointment compared to the original Exiles The characters weren t as interesting, the alternate universes weren t as compelling, and too much space was devoted to Claremont s favori...

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    This was not good It felt rushed and a bit too predictable Its a shame really, that such a great series died like this Not everything was resolved either.

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    Tbh, I didn t even read the epilogue X Men Sword of the Braddocks because I was so done with this incarnation of the Exiles.

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    Continuing the great x read of 2017 18This series which is a pale, pale imitation of the original run ends with a miserable whimper.I can t believe how far Claremont took this book away from its original intent and feeling.Just skip this series Absolutely nothing of consequence...

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    New Exiles reaches a conclusion, miles away from where the original concept began The team goes to the regular reality to wrap up some of Claremont s old Excalibur plotlines, and then get shunted into a useless miniseries Sadly, this only serves as ...