The Expats (Kate Moore, #1)

The Expats (Kate Moore, #1) Kate Moore is a working mother, struggling to make ends meet, to raise children, to keep a spark in her marriage and to maintain an increasingly unbearable life defining secret So when her husband is offered a lucrative job in Luxembourg, she jumps at the chance to leave behind her double lif

The Bankster

The Bankster The uneasy calm in Greater Boston Global Bank GB2 is shattered when a series of murders rock the fa ade of the compliant and conforming bank that GB2 has built up over the years Who is to blame Who is driving these intriguing and bone chilling murders What is the motive behind these gruesome ki

A Sensible Arrangement (Lone Star Brides #1)

A Sensible Arrangement (Lone Star Brides #1) Marty Dandridge Olson is a widow looking for a way out of Texas Widower Jake Wythe has secured a job as a bank manager in Denver, only to discover that the bank board wants him to be a married man With Texas in his roots, he advertises for a Lone Star bride, and Marty answers the call They both a

The Big Reset: War on Gold and the Financial Endgame

The Big Reset: War on Gold and the Financial Endgame A system reset is imminent Probably even before 2020, the world s financial system will need to find a different anchor The dollar has been at the center of the monetary system since the Second World War, but decades of money printing have caused a gradual but relentless dollar devaluation In a d

Dit kan niet waar zijn

Dit kan niet waar zijn Twee jaar lang heeft Joris Luyendijk zich ondergedompeld in het hart van de financi le wereld Juist omdat hij geen kenner was van de bankenwereld, was hij de ideale auteur om te onderzoeken wat er gebeurd is hoe gesloten de wereld van de high finance ook is, velen wilde met hem praten om uit te le