The Ambrose Deception

The Ambrose Deception Melissa is a nobody Wilf is a slacker Bondi is a show off At least that s what their middle school teachers think To everyone s surprise, they are the three students chosen to compete for a ten thousand dollar scholarship, solving clues that lead them to various locations around Chicago At firs

Book Scavenger (Book Scavenger, #1)

Book Scavenger (Book Scavenger, #1) A hidden book A found cipher A game begins Twelve year old Emily is on the move again Her family is relocating to San Francisco, home of her literary idol Garrison Griswold, creator of the online sensation Book Scavenger, a game where books are hidden all over the country and clues to fi

Ghosts of Greenglass House (Greenglass House #2)

Ghosts of Greenglass House (Greenglass House #2) Welcome back to the irresistible world of Greenglass House where thirteen year old Milo is, once again, spending the winter holidays stuck in a house full of strange guests who are not what they seem There are fresh clues to uncover as friends old and new join in his search for a mysterious map and

The Unbreakable Code (Book Scavenger, #2)

The Unbreakable Code (Book Scavenger, #2) Mr Quisling is definitely up to something mysterious, and Emily and James are on high alert First, there s the coded note he drops at a book event Then, they uncover a trail of encrypted messages in Mark Twain penned books hidden through Book Scavenger What s most suspicious is that each hidden

The End of FUN

The End of FUN Everyday reality is a drag FUN the latest in augmented reality is fun yay but it s also frustrating, glitchy and dangerously addictive boo Just when everyone else is getting on, seventeen year old Aaron O Faolain wants off But first, he has to complete his Application for Termination, and

The Lost House

The Lost House Fall into this seek and find book with its richly timeless style and get swept up in a treasure hunt through Grandad s wild house The children want to go to the park with Grandad, but they can t leave until they find his lost socks and his shoes and even his teeth Will they ever get out of Grandad

Click Here to Start

Click Here to Start What if playing video games was prepping you to solve an incredible real world puzzle and locate a priceless treasure Twelve year old Ted Gerson has spent most of his summer playing video games So when his great uncle dies and bequeaths him the all so called treasure in his overstuffed junk shop o

The Eureka Key (Secrets of the Seven, #1)

The Eureka Key (Secrets of the Seven, #1) When middle school puzzle master Sam and history wiz Martina win a contest for a summer trip across the US, they discover they ve been drafted into something vastly extraordinary Joining another kid on the trip, Theo, a descendant of George Washington himself, they must follow clues to find se